The Inter Mind

Consciousness And Mind Are Explored
And An Interesting Conclusion Is Realized

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Introduction And Scope Of Discussions. 10

A Journey Into Mind, Seeing, And Light. 10

The Inter Mind Video. 10


Levels Of Understanding For The Human Visual Experience. 10

We Do Not See Objects We Detect Objects. 10

Conscious Experience Is A Type Of Data. 10


BASIC CONCEPTS (Understanding The Inter Mind Model):

The Inter Mind Model 1

Arguments For The Conscious Mind. 4

Arguments For The Inter Mind. 7

Connectism: Emphasizing The Connection Perspective 10

Physical Space Properties And Conscious Space Properties. 10

Exploring The Human Conscious Light Screen. 10

An Interesting Conclusion. 10

What Should We And Can We Do Next?. 10


ADVANCED CONCEPTS (Using The Inter Mind Model):

The Conscious Self. 10

The Good And The Bad. 10

Volition. 10

Knowledge, Knowing, Learning, And Memory. 10

Understanding. 10

Creativity. 10

Humor. 10

Emotions. 10

Everything We Are. 10



SCIENTIFC APPLICATIONS (Using The Inter Mind Model):

Why All Current Scientific Theories Of Consciousness Fail. 10

The Primacy Of Consciousness. 10

What Is And Where Is Conscious Space?. 10

Developing An Artificial Inter Mind. 10

Conscious Artificial Intelligence. 10

Machine Consciousness Experiment Conceivability. 10

Human Consciousness Transfer. 10

Reality Is A Simulation


The Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

If A Tree Falls In A Forest. 10


OTHER APPLICATIONS (Using The Inter Mind Model):

Extra Sensory Perception 11

Life After Death 12

Concepts From Philosophy. 13

Religious Interpretations. 14



Miscellaneous Thoughts 14

Some People Might Not Have Conscious Experiences 17

Addressing The Physicalist Delirium 17




Final Comment On Consciousness 17




Machine Consciousness Experiment

Machine Consciousness Experiment Legacy

Scientific Methods For The Study Of The Inter Mind



Exploring The 4Th Dimension Using Animations

Why Humans Will Never Understand Four Dimensional Space

How To Conceptualize The Smallest Number And Largest Number

Absolute Nothing


Introduction And Scope Of Discussions

This website presents discussions for a subset of the total scope that the broad term Consciousness implies. The website attempts to answer the fundamental question of: How do we See? This seems like a very natural and simple question for any inquisitive Mind to ask. But this very question forces some Deeper Thinking about the Conscious perception of Light, which results in surprising and fantastic new Realizations about the Conscious Mind and Light, as will be explained.


Following this introduction, there are two other "Motivations" sections. Both of these sections have a similar message and purpose, which is to provide a condensed version of the Thinking and Realizations that are found in the main text. "A Journey Into Mind, Seeing, and Light" is the Script for a future Audio or Video presentation that will introduce the possibility of thinking in New Ways about Seeing and Light. "The Inter Mind Video" is a motivational Animation, also about Seeing and Light.


The "Motivations" sections are designed to awaken your interest in the existence of Conscious Experience. You probably will not understand just from these Motivational presentations. So the following sections will explain the concepts at a more technical level in order to help you understand.


The "Preliminaries" sections serve to provide a point of view for understanding the "Basic Concepts". The "Basic Concepts" sections will be targeted to the Conscious Visual Experience and, to a lesser extent, the Conscious Auditory Experience. The two Arguments sections provide evidence for the Conscious Mind and the Inter Mind respectively. The "Basic Concepts" sections also set up a Connection Perspective structure for Consciousness. The Connection Perspective will be emphasized throughout this website and it will be shown how adopting such a Perspective can enable new plausible solutions and explanations that can be applied to some seemingly difficult problems in Consciousness. The last "Basic Concepts" section discusses "An Interesting Conclusion" that Logically flows from the previous arguments. This Interesting Conclusion might be the most important Realization you will ever have about your own Mind and Being.


The "Advanced Concepts" sections will discuss the more Abstract aspects of Consciousness like Volition, Knowing, Understanding, Creativity, and Humor. The "Scientific Applications" and "Other Applications" sections discuss various cases where the "Basic Concepts" might apply. The "Miscellaneous Topics And Issues" sections present various related thoughts. In the "Brick Walls" section I talk about my motivations for creating this website. The "Experiment Topics" sections discuss various Machine Consciousness Experiments that have been designed. The "Other Topics" sections present some Animations and thoughts about the 4th Dimension, plus some abstract speculations on Numbers and Nothing.


People that already have a good background in the study of Consciousness, should find the Connection Perspective refreshing and new. For people just beginning to think about Consciousness, the realizations about the Human perception of Light and Sound can be particularly surprising. One thing for sure: You will never look at Light or listen to Sound the same way again.


To properly understand the Inter Mind Model, the sections should be studied in the order they are presented on the website. Take your time. Go slow. A collection of Thoughts, Realizations, and Points of View are assembled together as you progress through the sections that will move you closer and closer to an understanding of the Inter Mind Model. There are many acronyms and you can hover the mouse over any acronym to see the meaning.


There are links to important topics when they are needed throughout the website. Also, the following Books are excellent background material for understanding the website and for further study:


1) The Quest For Consciousness By Christof Koch

2) The Conscious Mind By David J. Chalmers

3) Neurobiology, Molecules, Cells, and Systems By Gary G. Matthews

4) The First Steps In Seeing By R. W. Rodieck

5) Hearing, Anatomy, Physiology, and Disorders of the Auditory System By A. R. Moller


Please email questions and comments:




A Journey Into Mind, Seeing, And Light


This is a script for a possible Audio or Video presentation. The lettered titles indicate the main thought in the corresponding group of script lines. I think that on further consideration this double-spaced text version might actually convey the message better than an Audio or a Video.



A) Science Has No explanation


It all started one day when I thought it might be fun to figure out how we See.


I read what the Scientists and the Philosophers had to say.


I studied Eye Physiology and Brain Physiology.


I learned exactly how the Eye, Optic Nerve, and Visual Cortex work.


But I was disappointed, because all this understanding did not explain how we See.


After 25 years of study, I had to face the fact that Science had no Explanation for how we See.



B) Think In New Ways


I discovered that the only thing Science knew for sure was that if certain Neurons fire we can have an Experience of Seeing.


It was reasonable to speculate that there must be something about the Neurons that produced this Experience of Seeing.


To test this, Science has Probed, Measured, Scanned, and Mapped the Brain in every conceivable way.


And after a hundred years, HUGE progress was made with understanding the Neural Activity that happens while Seeing.


But after all this time, Science has made exactly ZERO progress with understanding the Conscious Experience of Seeing.


Ironically, the Seeing part of how we See was still a total mystery.


It became clear to me that it was time to start thinking in New Ways.


But it is difficult to teach people to think in New Ways.


And I found that I can only Nudge people in the right direction, with the hope that they will eventually understand the New Ways.



C) Insight From Floating Lights


So here is a Nudge toward New Ways of thinking, in the form of a little story about Floating Lights.


A lot of times I fall asleep on the couch in my Stereo room at night.


I have multiple Preamps, Power Amps, Processors, and Converters with different Colored LED panel Lights.


It relaxes me to think about these Lights when Iím going to sleep.


The LEDs seem to float ďOut ThereĒ in space as Colored points of Light punching through the darkness.


Itís just Me Ö the LEDs Ö and the Darkness.


At first, because I knew the LEDs were across the room, my Experience was that they really were across the room.


Eventually, I realized that I could Experience the Lights as being close to me.


I could even make them seem like they were located directly in front of my face.


I assumed this was just my Imagination.



D) Conscious Space


But after a while, I realized that this might not be my Imagination.


It was, in fact, the first evidence that I might not be Seeing the Physical LEDs, but rather I was Seeing some kind of Conscious Experience in my Mind.


The Illusion has always been that the Lights were ďOut ThereĒ.


But the reality is that the Lights were never ďOut ThereĒ in the first place.


I was Seeing what I call Conscious Lights.


These Conscious Lights were created by my Mind and projected in front of my face.


It seemed Logical to speculate that the Conscious Lights existed in some new conceptual place, which I call Conscious Space.


Next, it became Logical to speculate that each individual Conscious Mind might consist of a little chunk of this Conscious Space.


So we each have our own chunk of Conscious Space, and this is where our separate Conscious Experiences happen.



E) Conscious Experience


Letís think about Seeing Color and especially letís think about Seeing Red.


Instead of Seeing Red I like to say we Experience Redness.


This helps point attention to the Redness Experience in the Mind, and not to the Red Electromagnetic Wave phenomenon.


The Redness Experience is in Conscious Space and the Red Electromagnetic Wave is in Physical Space.


The argument is similar for any other Color or combination of Colors, including shades of gray from Black to White.


The Visually impaired can consider the Conscious Experience of other things, like the Sound of the Standard A Tone, the Taste of Salt, the Smell of Bleach, or the Touch of a Rough Surface.



F) The Inter Mind


Science has mapped the various Sensory inputs from the Eyes, Ears, Tongue, Nose, and Skin to specific areas of the Cortex.


So, for example we can say:


1 Neural Activity for Red happens in the Cortex.


2 A Redness Experience happens in the Conscious Mind.


But we have a dilemma because this question screams out at us:


How does the Neural Activity produce the Redness Experience?


From a Systems Engineering point of view there is a missing processing stage between the Neural Activity and the Conscious Experience.


I call the missing processing stage, the Inter Mind, because it is an Interconnecting stage of Mind between the Physical Mind and the Conscious Mind. Note that Physical Mind means the Brain here.


We can now imagine a three stage diagram of Mind that shows the Physical Mind connected to the Inter Mind and the Inter Mind connected to the Conscious Mind.


I call this diagram the Inter Mind Model of Consciousness.


The Inter Mind does the Processing to Translate Neural Activity in the Physical Mind into the Conscious Experience in the Conscious Mind.


The Inter Mind functionality might exist partly in the Physical Mind and partly in the Conscious Mind.


But it might exist only in the Physical Mind or only in the Conscious Mind.


Physicalists will insist it is completely in the Physical Mind.


One thing for sure is that the functionality of an Inter Mind must exist somewhere.



G) Physiology of Seeing


Letís talk about the Physiology of Seeing.


Physical Light from the External Scene enters the Eye and is focused onto the Retina.


The Energy from the Physical Light activates millions of Light Receptors that send signals to the Visual Cortex.


The Visual Cortex performs processing using a cascading, feedback, network of millions of Activated Neurons.


Since all this Neural Activity is Correlated with the Physical Light, I like to call it, the Neural Light.


But we donít See this Neural Light.


We See a Conscious Light Scene in the Mind that is Correlated with the Neural Light.


The Conscious Light Scene cannot be found in the Physical Mind.


I like to speculate that the whole Conscious Light Scene is in Conscious Space.



H) Reconstruction and Overlay Processing


But letís talk about what the Physical Mind is actually doing.


The Physical Mind seems to deconstruct the Scene we are looking at with the goal of detecting features of the Scene like lines, edges, motion, and color.


The highest stages seem to be for image recognition.


The lower stages seem to be for control of eye focus, convergence, and target tracking.


There are some edge enhancement and shading effects that are generated in the lower stages that can be Experienced in the Conscious Light Scene.


If there is a damaged area in the lower stages, then an equivalent blacked out area will appear in the Conscious Light Scene.


If there is damage to the Color areas, then the Color Experience will be impaired.


It seems that the Conscious Light Scene that we See, must consist of an Overlay of all the Visual Cortex processing stages.


The deconstructed Cortex information must be Reconstructed into a Coherent Conscious Light Scene.


Unfortunately, there is no known mechanism in the Physical Mind that does this Overlay and Reconstruction Processing.


This missing Processing is sometimes called the Binding Problem.


Since the purpose of the Inter Mind is to Translate the Neural Activity into the Conscious Light Scene, it is Logical to propose that the Inter Mind must perform the Overlay and Reconstruction processing.



I) Three Types of Light


Letís think about the three types of Light.


First, there are the Electromagnetic Waves, in Physical Space, which I call Physical Light.


Second, there is the Neural Activity, also in Physical Space, which I call Neural Light.


Third, there is the Conscious Experience, in Conscious Space, which I call Conscious Light.


These different Types of Light exist at different stages in the Seeing process.


We have never Seen the Physical Light or the Neural Light.


We have always only Seen the Conscious Light that is in our Conscious Minds.



J) An Important Realization


Since the Conscious Light is in our Conscious Minds we can say the Light is our own internal personal Light.


Even if you are a Physicalist and believe the Conscious Light is in the Neurons, it is still your own internal personal Light.


Since the Conscious Light is internal to us, we can say the Conscious Light is partly what we are.


We can say: We are that Light.


For me, this was the most important Realization I have ever had about my own Mind, Being, and Light.


I will now take the next step and ask the obvious question:


What can be done with this new knowledge?


The answer to that question is a work in progress.



The Inter Mind Video

The following link presents a good-humored animation, with a similar message to the above script, depicting my Philosophical journey that began with a simple question and ended with an amazing realization about the phenomenon of Conscious Light (not Electromagnetic Light) that is in our Minds: The Inter Mind Video (YouTube). 10



Levels Of Understanding For The Human Visual Experience

1) Naive Realism Level: When we were young and Naive we looked out at the World and assumed that the Visual Experience we were Seeing was what the External World actually looked like. We did not think Deeper about what this Visual Experience actually could be. It was so simple then, we just looked out into the World and thought we Saw the World as it was. As we examined our Visual Experiences we could See that the different Objects out there had different Colors. We thought that the Colors were a direct Property of the things that we were Looking at. At this Level we thought our Visual Experience was painted with all the different Colors of all the Objects that are out there.


2) Physical Light Level: Most technical minded people were eventually driven to ask a question: "How does this Visual Experience actually happen"? It all seemed so simple when we were at the Naive Realist Level, but we have Learned, Matured, and began Questioning things. We took some Science courses and found out that we do not directly See Objects in the World but rather we See the reflected Light from these Objects. This was a fantastic new Realization. Now when we observed our Visual Experience we could understand that we were merely Seeing reflected Light from Objects in the External World. We realized that our Visual Experience was now painted with all the possible Physical Light (Electromagnetic) Wavelengths that our Eye could Detect. From this Perspective we thought we were Seeing the actual Physical Light that was hitting the Retina. We thought that the Colors were a direct Property of the Electromagnetic Physical Light that we were Looking at. We were closer to Reality because at least we now understood that we were not Seeing the actual Objects anymore.


3) Neural Light Level: Even though we knew it was the Physical Light, most technical minded people were eventually driven to ask a question: "How does this Visual Physical Light Experience actually happen"? It all seemed so simple when we were at the Physical Light Level, but we continued to Learn more. We took some courses in Eye Physiology and Brain Physiology which made us realize that we don't directly See the Physical Light that seemed to make up our Visual Experience. We found out that the Visual Experience that we See requires Neural Activity. This was again a fantastic new Realization. From this Perspective we thought we were Seeing the effect of our own internal Neurons Firing. We were closer to Reality because at least we now understood that we were not Seeing the actual Physical Light anymore. Our Visual Experience was still painted with all the Colors that we have always Seen but we now knew that these Colors were generated Internally by our Brains and we understood that all these Colors were never something that was External. The Colors became Properties of Neural Activity. The Light was now understood to be something Inside of us.


4) Conscious Light Level: When we were at the Naive Realist Level it made sense that our Visual Experience was actually showing us what the External World looked like. When we were at the Physical Light Level it made sense that our Visual Experience was actually showing us what the Physical Light looked like. But when we attained the Neural Light Level there was not that same feeling of it making Sense. In fact, it made no Sense that the Neural Activity produced the beautiful panoramic Color Visual Experience that we all have. Where, after all, were all those Colors coming from inside the Neurons? How could Neurons Firing have a Property of Color? There was a problem here because we could not find any courses to take that would answer this latest question. Science had effectively hit a Brick Wall on this question. There was an Explanatory Gap at the Neural Light Level. It was clear that our Visual Experience was still that panoramic, Color filled, Experience that we always had. The Light was still there, being generated by the Brain in some way. But there was no Chain of Logic that could take us from Neurons Firing to the Visual Light Experience. It became an item of Faith that Science would figure out what the required Chain of Logic would be. Science has tried for a hundred years to figure this out. But there is nothing to show for the effort. Maybe the reason Science cannot find the Visual Light Experience in the Neurons is because it is Not in the Neurons. All we know is that Neural Activity happens and then a Visual Light Experience happens. It all seemed so simple when we were at the Neural Light Level, but we have Learned more, Matured more, and began Thinking Deeper about the Visual Experience. Even though we thought it was the Neurons, most technical minded people were eventually driven to ask the question: "How does this Visual Light Experience actually happen from the Neural Activity"? It became clear that new ways of Thinking about the problem needed to be developed. This is what Science is supposed to do. This is how Science progresses. But instead, a lot of Scientists are still trying to push the Visual Light Experience back into the Neurons, but the Visual Light Experience refuses to be pushed into the Neurons. The Visual Light Experience seems to be something separate from the Neurons, even though we know it is probably connected to the Neural Activity in some way. The Visual Light Experience simply hovers and is embedded in the front of our faces, as will be explained and demonstrated later. We sense that it must be some kind of Conscious Experience concept that happens in some kind of Conscious Mind concept. But we cannot know that for sure. It just seems to be our best Speculation for progressing forward. What we are Seeing is our own Internal Conscious Light. The concept of Conscious Light will be fully developed and explained in the sections that follow. For now it can be said that we have never Seen an actual Object out in the World, nor do we See the actual reflected Light from an Object, nor do we See actual Neural Activity. Instead, we have always only Seen our own Internal Conscious Light. It is this Conscious Light (not Physical Electromagnetic Light) that is generated by our Internal Brain/Mind mechanism, and The Inter Mind website is devoted to pushing the boundaries of what can be known at the Conscious Light Level of understanding.


We Do Not See Objects We Detect Objects

The Big Bang happens and a new Universe is created. This Universe consists of Matter, Energy, and Space. After billions of years of complicated interactions and processes the Matter, Energy, and Space produce a planet with Conscious Life Forms (CLFs). In the course of their evolution the CLFs will need to See each other in order to live and interact with each other. But what does it really mean to See? A CLF is first of all a Physical Thing. There is no magic power that just lets a CLF See another CLF. A CLF can only Detect another CLF through some sensing mechanism which must be made out of Physical material and which uses Physical processes. The exact Physical Material and Processes for Seeing may be the result of applying known Scientific principles, or maybe new principles will need to be discovered. In any case, there never is any kind of Seeing in the sense that we think we understand it. There is always only Detection.


So a CLF might understand that it does not ever really See another CLF, but it will still insist that it Sees the reflected Light. The CLF would be mistaken if it thinks it Sees even the reflected Light. All it can do is Detect the reflected Light. Its sensing mechanism can only produce Physical reactions, like Neural Activity, that are correlated with the reflected Light. If the reflected Light is Red the sensing mechanism will fire Neurons that only fire for Red inputs. The CLF might be able to sense that the Red Neurons are firing. So every time these Neurons fire it can report that it is seeing Red. This CLF is only sensing particular Neurons firing and is not experiencing Red like we do.


A CLF like us Sees Red as a Conscious Experience and is not aware of any Neural Activity. This Conscious Red Experience (the Experience of Redness) is how we Detect Red Light from the external Physical World. Unfortunately the Experience of Redness, at least for now, can not be found in the Brain or explained by Brain Activity. Further investigation shows the Experience of Redness cannot be found in any kind of Matter, Energy, or Space so we must conclude that it is something different than any of these things. Redness is in a whole different Category of Phenomena than any known and existent Scientific Category of Phenomena.


No matter how much we might want a standard and known Physical Explanation, it just does not exist. So for now, we have to admit that there is no current Physical Process or Explanation from Science that can be applied to help us understand the Experience of Redness in the Mind. It is expected that Science will be able to better understand Conscious Phenomena someday, and that a whole new branch of Science will be created that is dedicated to the study of Conscious Phenomena.


Let us now qualify the normal Space that we know and call it Physical Space. Next, let us introduce a new concept and call it Conscious Space. Let Conscious Space be the abstract place where our Conscious Experiences like Redness occur. Conscious Space might eventually be found to be a component of ordinary Physical Space, but until Science figures out how to deal with Consciousness we should think about Conscious Space as simply a Tool that allows Conscious Phenomena to have a place to occur in for the sake of discussion. We can also conceptually partition Conscious Space into individual Conscious Minds that have their own private Conscious Experiences. Conscious Space might seem like a strange thing right now but someday it could be an integral part of our Scientific understanding. The Conscious Space concept will be developed throughout the Inter Mind paper and in the following topics.


Since we have proposed this Conscious Space it is only natural to wonder if there is a corresponding Conscious Matter and a Conscious Energy. Maybe Red is a type of Conscious Matter, and maybe Volition is a type of Conscious Energy. But these analogies are just naive speculations because whatever Conscious Space might be, it is probably not going to be like any kind of Physical Space.


It is instructive to start talking about the perception of Light by concentrating on a particular type of Light, namely Red Light, as in the above paragraphs. But it should be understood that the two dimensional Conscious Visual Scene that we Experience is made out of all the possible Colors of Light depending on what we are looking at. So in the following sections when I use the term Light I am referring to that Conscious Visual Scene with all the Colors. I have found that some people try to imagine that someone is waving a flashlight in front of them when I talk about seeing Light, or especially later in the arguments section when I talk about Dream Light. But everything you see in any particular area of the Conscious Visual Scene is some Color of Light. Of course Black is the absence of any Light in an area of the Scene. Although Black is the absence of any Light it is still a Conscious Experience and is technically an actual Conscious Color.


Conscious Experience Is A Type Of Data

Scientists can describe the Neural Activity that occurs in the Brain when we See. But they seem to be completely puzzled by the Conscious Visual Experience that we have that is correlated with the Neural Activity. Incredibly, some even come to the conclusion that the Conscious Experience is not even necessary! They can not find the Conscious Experience in the Neurons so the Experience must not have any function in the Visual process. They believe that the Neural Activity is sufficient for us to move around in the world without bumping into things. This is insane denial of the obvious purpose for Visual Consciousness. Neural Activity is not enough. We would be blind without the Conscious Visual Experience. From a Systems Engineering point of view it is clear that the Conscious Visual Experience is a further Processing stage that comes after the Neural Activity. The Conscious Visual Experience is the thing that allows us to move around in the world. The Conscious Visual Experience contains vast amounts of information about the external world all packed up into a single thing. To implement all the functionality of the Conscious Visual Experience with only Neural Activity would probably require a Brain as big as a refrigerator.


Scientists should not disregard the Conscious Visual Experience. It's just another type of Data that can be analyzed. We should call it Conscious Data. We use and analyze this Conscious Visual Data all the time without realizing it. For example when I reach for my coffee mug I have a Conscious Visual Experience where I See my hand moving toward the coffee mug. If My hand is off track I sense this in the Conscious Visual Experience and adjust the movement of my hand. If I did not have the Conscious Visual Experience I would not be able to pick up my coffee mug, or at least it would be much more difficult with just Neural Activity. So the Conscious Visual Experience is just Data that helps us interact with the world. This Conscious Visual Data is absolutely necessary for us to function. Similar arguments can be made for the Conscious Auditory Experience, the Conscious Smell Experience, the Conscious Taste Experience, and the Conscious Touch Experience. All these Experiences are just a type of Data that our Conscious Minds can analyze.


The Conscious Mind concept, which will be developed in the Inter Mind Model paper, can be viewed as a kind of Conscious Processor that takes the Conscious Light, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch Experiences as Input Data to help it survive in the world. This is a very strange kind of Processing (although actually very familiar) and it is very different from the Processing that Computers can do. The Processing that the Conscious Mind does is also very different than the Neural Processing that the Brain does. Let's talk about the Color Red. In the Physical World we know that Red Light is an oscillating Electromagnetic phenomenon with a particular wavelength associated with it. In the Brain Red is the coordinated Firing of groups of specific Neurons. In the Conscious Mind Red is an Experience. In Computers Red is usually represented as the hex number 00FF0000 stored in a memory location. Electromagnetic Phenomena, Firing Neurons, the Red Experience, and the Number 00FF0000 are completely different kinds of Data.


The Conscious Input Data must be derived from Neural Activity in the Physical Mind (Brain) so we should conclude that the Conscious Mind is Connected to the Physical Mind in some way. The nature of this Connection will be developed in the sections below. Note that there is no Artificial Intelligence program or Electronics today that can make this kind of Connection.




The Inter Mind Model

This paper will present an alternative perspective for thinking about how Consciousness might occur in the Mind. Consciousness has many aspects that could be used as discussion tools, but for this paper the Conscious perception of Light and Sound will be emphasized. Light and Sound perception seem to be things that could be understood using basic scientific and engineering reasoning. Many acronyms will be developed in this section. You can hover the mouse over any acronym to see the meaning. Sorry, but the hover feature does not work with some phones.


The prevailing Philosophical and Scientific view, that Consciousness is just an illusion, seems to me to be totally unscientific. When they say that Consciousness is just an Illusion they are saying that Consciousness does not really exist. Have they ever actually seen Light or heard Sound? Other Scientists will simply say that Consciousness is in the Neurons or is an Emergent Property of Neural Activity. They will say there is nothing else to Explain here. Amazingly, some even declare that just saying "In the Neurons" or "Emergent Property" explains Consciousness. They cannot explain how Consciousness is in the Neurons or is an Emergent Property. Rather, they just Believe that to be the case. A growing number of Scientists and Philosophers at least admit that they do not know. They have produced such concepts as the Explanatory Gap by Joseph Levine in Materialism and Qualia, the Hard Problem and the Easy Problem by David Chalmers in The Conscious Mind, and the concept of sensory Qualia by Clarence Irving Lewis in Mind and the World Order.


The state of the art in Brain Physiology these days can describe how Electromagnetic Waves (Physical Light) hitting the Retina cause signals to be generated in Nerve paths that travel from the Eye through the Brain and to the Visual Cortex in back of the head. A vast amount of parallel processing occurs and specific areas of the Visual Cortex will fire for various different aspects of the Light scene that is being viewed. Some Neurons will fire for straight lines, some Neurons will fire for various specific Colors, some Neurons will fire for image motion, and other Neurons will fire for any number of other specific aspects of the Light scene. These are the Neural Correlates of Consciousness for Light perception as described by Christof Koch in The Quest for Consciousness.


The problem is that the Brain is an electro-chemical machine and nowhere during all the processing that goes on can you find the actual Conscious Experience/Perception of Light. I like to say that when you have a Conscious Experience/Perception of Light that you are seeing Conscious Light. I also want to emphasize the distinction between Physical Light (PL) and Conscious Light (CL). The PL is Electromagnetic Waves which are always colorless, but it is the CL that we actually Experience/Perceive and therefore See. The CL is a surrogate for the PL.


This distinction between PL and CL must be understood more fully. We can even say that before Consciousness there was no Light on the Planet, just Electromagnetic Waves. Of course we mean there was no CL on the Planet, but there was only PL. This paper will attempt to make the distinction between PL and CL more plausible and understandable.†


Philosophers like to call CL the Light Qualia. My spell checker does not even know the word Qualia. Many people in Science don't like the word Qualia and in fact someone once posted that Qualia was invented by Idiot Philosophers. I would like to avoid that controversy. I like the symmetry and intuitiveness of saying PL and CL. I also like to say that PL exists in Physical Space (PSp) and CL exists in Conscious Space (CSp). We can also talk about Physical Sound (PS) which consists of Pressure Waves in the air and Conscious Sound (CS) which is the Sound that we Experience in CSp.


The Light and Sound that we have always Experienced is CL and CS not PL and PS. The PL and PS exist in PSp but the CL and CS exist in CSp. In talking about CSp it is assumed that it is not a space like our physical three dimensional Universe but it is certainly a different realm or reality. I decided that saying Conscious Realm was too spooky and maybe misleading so Iím going to stick with CSp. CSp may ultimately be recognized to be an aspect of PSp but at this point it is better to keep it distinct. I think that eventually, CSp will be recognized as a completely different thing than we can imagine today.


I would like to refer to the Brain as the Physical Mind (PM). I would also like to refer to the Thing that Experiences the CL or CS as the Conscious Mind (CM). The CM contains your personal Conscious ďIĒ or "Self". Using these definitions and abbreviations, I would like to present the following diagram to show what we know so far about the Conscious perception of Light.


What We Know About Consciousness

The PM is defined to consist of the Brain and all connected sensory devices, like Eyes and Ears. The Retina of the Eye is acknowledged to be made up of specialized Neurons, so it is an actual component of the PM. Itís easy to see why the PL arrow is connected directly to the PM.


The instant PL hits the PM it is not PL anymore, but rather it is converted into Neural Activity that is transmitted to the various Visual areas inside the PM. Since the Neural Activity occurs in the Visual areas of the PM and the Neural Activity is correlated with the PL, I like to call this particular Neural Activity, the Neural Light (NL). The diagram shows that even though the NL is correlated with the PL it is not CL yet. The CL that we actually perceive is correlated with the NL and therefore with the PL. The heart of the problem is that CL cannot be found in the PM by studying the NL. We are sure we know two things: 1) when NL occurs in the PM 2) there is correlated CL occurring in the CM. Both of these are also correlated with the original PL. There is an analogous argument for PS, Neural Sound (NS), and CS.


I would like to make a quick comment about my definition of Neural Light. The complaint that people have had was that Neural Activity is not Light. Of course it's not PL, but the NL that I talk about is actually more related to the CL that we Experience. What we Experience is a further processing stage that uses the NL to produce the CL. We have never Seen the PL. We have only Seen the CL. The CL is correlated with the NL which in turn is correlated with the PL. The PL is just some Electromagnetic phenomenon that can stimulate NL. If you rub your eye the right way you will see lights. Rubbing your eye can stimulate NL which results in a CL Experience.


Now think about the CL Experience you have while dreaming at night in your bedroom where there is almost no PL. You could say that Dreams are made out of CL. If it's not CL then what is it? The one thing we can say for sure is that this Dream Light is certainly inside of us.


Also think about the CL Experience of After Images, where you continue to see a remnant of the scene you were looking at even after you close your eyes. Obviously we can and do Experience CL without PL. We have always seen our own CL but we did not know it was ours. This should become more understandable after reading the two Arguments sections.


I take the position that the PM is an electro-chemical machine that exists in PSp. I will speculate that the PM has no consciousness in and of itself. I will also speculate that the CM exists in a separate reality and I say that the CM exists in CSp. I justify these speculations given the fact that Science is getting nowhere assuming that Consciousness has to be inside the Neurons. It is time to start thinking about these things in new ways.


But how does the NL in the PM get converted to CL that the CM can use? Somehow the CM must monitor the NL in the PM and then generate the CL for the CM. I propose that there must be some other Mind component that monitors the NL in the PM and converts this into the CL that the CM Experiences. I call this other Mind the Inter Mind (IM), because it is an interface between the PM and the CM. From these definitions we can now draw the following diagram for the Conscious perception of light.


The Inter Mind Model Of Consciousness


This diagram is for the Light path and it compresses many complicated things into a simple Triple Mind model that is easily remembered and conceptualized. I like to call it the Inter Mind Model (IMM) to emphasize the central role that the IM plays. I think the IM is but yet another thing that we do not know. It is probably counterintuitive but I think the introduction of this new unknown might actually help us understand the other unknowns in the whole Mind problem. We need to at least know what it is that we don't know. The IMM is not a Theory, but rather it is a Framework for future Theories. I believe the IMM Framework will be a Blueprint for the next step in the exploration of Consciousness.


The IM could be a part of the PM or the CM or it could stand alone as a separate Mind. Whatever the case may be there must be something somewhere that has the functionality of the IM. If the IM is found to be an aspect of the PM then that aspect should be called the IM aspect of the PM. NL does not turn into CL all by itself. Even if everything is eventually found to be located in the PM, the functional stages of the diagram must still be true.


Philosophers will say the IM is just the Explanatory Gap. I would say that the IM is more specifically a Connection Gap and a Processing Gap rather than a more general Explanatory Gap. Evidence for these Connection Gap and Processing Gap ideas will be presented in later sections.


Going back to the three stage Diagram of the IMM: PL is converted into NL by the PM in PSp, and then NL is converted into CL by the IM, and then CL is what is actually perceived by the CM in CSp. But the PL, NL, and CL are three very different kinds of phenomena related to the Experience of Light. The PL is Electromagnetic Energy, the NL is Neural Activity in the Visual areas, and the CL is the Thing that we actually Experience.


This means that we all have our own Personal CL that we use to guide us while moving around in the world. I have my own CL and every other person on the planet has their own CL. No one sees PL but only their own Personal CL. I have my Light, you have your Light, we all have our own Light. We don't really See in the way we think we do, rather we examine our CL to determine what we are looking at. So instead of asking the question: "What do you see?", we should ask: "What does your CL show you?".


Note that the IMM shows that the IM presents the CL to the CM but the process of how this happens is not known. The CL is not PL so we should not expect that the CM will need some CSp Retina to perceive it leading to an infinite regression of other forms of Light and other forms of Retinas. The CM is the end point of the perception chain even if we do not yet understand how the CL is Experienced by the CM.


Some people make the statement that all matter has Consciousness. I doubt it. Even something as Alive as a thumb does not have Consciousness. Only the PM seems to have it. There is no ability to feel with a thumb or move that thumb if the Nerves to it are cut. If Consciousness was a pervasive thing that existed throughout the whole Body then there should still be an ability to feel in that thumb because there would be Consciousness local to that thumb. Instead, what we Experience is that the Conscious feeling for that thumb depends on PM Activity for the thumb. If the signals don't get to the PM there is no feeling. So it would seem that Conscious feeling for that thumb is in the PM and not in the thumb itself.


The IMM is Neutral with regard to what the IM and the CM actually are. This will be resolved by future Research and Discovery. But for the sake of argument I will take the position that we have never seen any actual object that exists in PSp. We do not "See" but rather we "Detect" objects. We might think we see the PL reflected from objects even if we do not see the objects themselves. But it's even worse than that because we don't really see the PL either. The Light that we have always seen is CL not PL. We Detect the PL using CL as a Surrogate. We can say that the PM exists and lives in PSp and the CM exists and lives in CSp. We can also say that the CL is a kind of Data that the CM processor uses to view the World and to move around in that World. These things should become more understandable after reading the two Arguments sections.


Arguments For The Conscious Mind

We cannot even begin to talk about the Inter Mind (IM) if we do not at least recognize the existence of a Conscious Mind (CM) separate from the Physical Mind (PM). We do not have to understand exactly what the CM is, but we must at least suspect that it is something. I am not going to get into any of the Philosophical intricacies of the whole Body Mind problem in this paper. I am just going to call it as I see it and present some arguments that point to the existence of a separate CM.


1)   The first argument is based on an engineering analysis approach where we trace the path of Light perception. The first thing that happens is that Physical Light (PL) enters the Eye and is focused onto the Retina. The instant the PL hits the Retina it activates the Rods and Cones. Various wavelengths of PL will preferentially activate various different Rods and Cones. The PL is absorbed by the Rods and Cones and the PL is no longer PL. What is left is an avalanche of chemical reactions that eventually fires a Neuron that sends a signal away from the Retina and to the Visual Areas (VAs) of the Cerebral Cortex. This happens for millions of Neurons at the same time with the signal from each Neuron bundled into the Optic Nerve. Itís a long journey from the Retina through the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus (LGN) of the Thalamus and to the Visual Areas which are located in the back of the head. During this whole trip from Eye to the VAs we are not dealing with PL anymore but rather this is of course Neural Light (NL). The NL signals eventually arrive at the first Visual Area (V1) get processed and are then sent to the second Visual Area (V2) and on to other Visual Areas V3, V4, V5, and more. All the areas also send signals back to previous Areas to create a giant mish mash of parallel processing that is difficult to completely quantify. All the processing and feedback is also NL since it is correlated with the PL. So, all we can really say is that we Experience NL not PL. We know when this NL happens that CL happens. The CL cannot be found in the Brain, and maybe someday it will be found there. But for now, we can only speculate that it is in some other Realm or Dimension or Space. I say CL is in Conscious Space (CSp). We can then speculate that there must be a Conscious Mind (CM) that exists in CSp, that is experiencing the CL. A similar argument can be made if we trace the path of Physical Sound (PS) to Neural Sound (NS) and then to Conscious Sound (CS).


2)   In this argument I will further develop the idea that Conscious Light (CL) and Conscious Sound (CS) are actually different Things than Physical Light (PL) and Physical Sound (PS). They are Conscious Things that exist in the Conscious Mind (CM) which is in Conscious Space (CSp). Some writers like to use the word Substance instead of Thing. I think the word Substance has misleading implications so Ill stay with the more neutral, Thing word. First of all PL is an electromagnetic wave Thing that consists of electric and magnetic fields oscillating at various frequencies. One frequency might give you a Red Experience and another frequency might give you a Green Experience. Letís talk about Red. Red PL has a certain frequency and Red CL has a certain color Experience. Nowhere in the Experience of Red do you Experience any kind of frequency oscillation. Rather, the Redness of Red seems to be a steady non oscillating other kind of Thing than the electromagnetic Thing. Itís a Conscious Thing that exists in the CM. When we consider all the colors we can say that the CM Experiences a Scene of Light painted with all the different possible color Things. Our perceptual situation is similar to how NASA creates pictures of the universe with different ďfalse colorsĒ superimposed on the images to show for example where the hydrogen and the oxygen is located. Philosophical Objectivists say, with regard to our perception of color, that ďAll Colors Are False ColorsĒ. PL is colorless in and of itself. PL is actually not even Black because Black is a Color and Physical Light has no Color. Somewhere in the Physical Mind (PM), Inter Mind (IM), CM chain the color is added. Similar arguments could be made for the oscillatory Physical Sound (PS) Thing and the Conscious Sound (CS) Tone Thing. People are so familiar with their own personal CL and CS that they think they are PL and PS. The Light and the Sound that you have always seen and heard are not PL and PS but CL and CS. The fact that the CL and CS are correlated with the PL and PS enables the misconception.

3)   This argument is similar to argument 2 but uses slightly different logic. Things in Physical Space (PSp) can be described and communicated from one Mind to another Mind. Many things in Conscious Space (CSp) cannot be described or communicated from one Mind to another Mind. Try describing Red to someone. The Redness of the Red can only be Experienced in the Conscious Mind (CM) which is in CSp. This probably means that Redness does not even exist in PSp but only in CSp which argues for a CM to Experience the Red.


4)    This argument involves our perception of Light and Sound in our Dreams. Where does all that Dream Light (DL) and Dream Sound (DS) come from? It canít be Physical Light (PL) and Physical Sound (PS). Itís completely dark and silent in your bedroom at night. DL and DS are probably activated by Neural Light (NL) and Neural Sound (NS) but the Experience still must be Conscious Light (CL) and Conscious Sound (CS). So we must conclude that DL and DS are CL and CS. Dream Consciousness is an Uncontrolled Hallucination in the sense that what you Experience is not correlated with anything happening in the outside world. According to Max Clowes, Awake Consciousness is a Controlled Hallucination since the Experience is correlated with things happening in the outside world. Iím saying that actual Awake Consciousness and Dream Consciousness seem to use the same Hallucination mechanism to present a reality to the Conscious Mind (CM). Experiences of CL and CS during Awake Consciousness in the CM are correlated with NL and NS activity in the Physical Mind (PM) and the NL and NS are correlated with PL and PS in the outside world. Experiences of CL and CS during Dream Consciousness are also in the CM and are correlated to some NL and NS activity in the PM, but there are no correlations to anything in the outside world. The DL cannot be found in the Brain, and maybe someday it will be found there. But for now, we can only speculate that it is in some sort of Conscious Space (CSp). We can then speculate that there must be a CM that exists in CSp, that is experiencing the DL.


5)  This argument involves Evolution and the Conscious Experience of Pain. I think Evolution could be heavily guided by Conscious Mind (CM) sensations. Pain will make an Organism or Animal do almost anything to get rid of it. Animal Evolution might not even work without Pain. Pain is central to our existence today. Pain is perfectly bad. We (every organism on the planet) hate Pain. The misconception that people have is that the firing of Neurons is the Pain. But this is only Neural Pain and is not Conscious Pain. A Neuron is an electro chemical thing. Letís hook a battery through a switch to a light bulb. You could instruct that whenever the switch is closed and the light is on that this represents Pain. It is analogous to a Neuron firing. You see the light come on and react because you know that's what you are supposed to do. But how long will this last. You will get bored. The fact the light comes on provides no real motivation to act. We need a CM to feel Pain when the light comes on. The Pain provides the motivation to survive. You will never get bored. It will always work. There were probably many other types of CM Experiences that guided Evolution, but Pain was probably one of the first that developed. So we need a separate CM concept even for Evolution to work. It is a logical conclusion to state that even primitive Consciousness can influence Evolution. Evolution is not a completely Mindless, Bio Electrical Chemical, DNA Mutating, Environmentally Influenced process. Rather, Evolution is driven by a combination of primitive Conscious Desires, Bio Electrical Chemical processes, Random DNA Mutations, and Environmental Influences. I think it is possible that the real purpose for Evolution is related to development of the CM. The CM could be the driving force behind Evolution providing Motivation in the form of the Desire to avoid Bad Experiences and to seek out Good Experiences. This will have the incidental effect of increasing Survival Rates and thus guiding Evolutionary Outcomes. Since Desire cannot be found in the Neurons we can only speculate that Desire comes from some CM concept that is separate from the Neurons. Using this perspective we might be able to say that Evolution does not even exist as a Thing in Itself, but rather Evolution is just an Emergent Property of the Action of Consciousness in the Universe.


6)  This argument is based on the lack of Scientific progress with regard to understanding Consciousness. Just the fact that Science has so much trouble with Consciousness should indicate that Consciousness is a separate thing apart from the Physical World. Science deals with Physical World phenomena. I think if Consciousness was part of the Physical World, Science would have had lots of things to say about it by now. The absolute Zero amount of understanding that Science has accumulated about Consciousness should indicate that Consciousness is probably not a Physical World phenomenon or is at least some new category of Phenomenon. So I think that it is pretty clear that there are Physical World phenomena and Conscious World phenomena. They seem to be separate things.


Arguments For The Inter Mind

The Inter Mind (IM) is a natural conclusion when you understand the existence of the Conscious Mind (CM). As with the CM we do not have to understand exactly what the IM is, but we must at least suspect that it is something. Again, I am just going to call it as I see it and present some arguments that point to the existence of the IM.


1)   The first argument is based on an analysis of what the Visual Areas of the Brain are actually doing. It does not appear that the Visual Areas are processing the Light information with the goal of creating the integrated Conscious Light (CL) Scene that we Experience. Rather the Brain seems to deconstruct the image with the goal of detecting elementary properties of the image like lines, edges, motion, and color. There do not seem to be any downstream Visual Areas that are involved with reconstructing the CL Scene that we Experience from all the deconstructed properties that the Brain detects. The only place where there is a good undistorted image is on the Retina of the Eye. The other various stages of processing are highly warped and distorted maps of the retina. The highest stages don't really even map at all. The highest stages seem to be involved in image recognition and the lower stages seem to be for mechanical control of focus, eye convergence, and target tracking. But we find that there are artifacts from the processing stages that become visible in our CL Scene. For example there are some edge enhancement and shading effects that are generated in V1 that can be Experienced in the CL Scene. Also if there is a damaged area in V1 then an equivalent blacked out area will appear in the CL Scene. Similarly if there is damage to the Color areas then the Color Experience will be impaired or completely missing. So it seems that whatever is creating the CL Scene must use and be in contact with all the processing stages at the same time. The actual CL Scene is a kind of Overlay of all the Areas including possibly the Retina. It seems that the data available at these processing stages are hints as to what the CL Scene should look like. This data must be the input to the Conscious Mind (CM). It seems that there is a lot of missing processing that has to take place to Reconstruct all the Visual Area processing results into the seemingly perfect CL Scene that we Experience. There is a Processing Gap. We could just say that the CM monitors the Physical Mind (PM) Visual Areas and creates this Scene itself. I think it is more logical to propose that there must be a whole new aspect of the Mind, that consists of further processing stages, that monitors the PM and generates the CL Scene that the CM perceives. This of course is the Inter Mind. It should also be mentioned that this process of combining the processing results of the various areas of the Visual system to create the single CL Scene is called Binding. The fact that no one knows how this is accomplished is called the Binding Problem. I think that the Overlay and Reconstruction processing for Binding might eventually be found to be located in the Inter Mind.


2)   This argument involves a particularly mind boggling aspect of Visual processing in the Brain. See the Flattened Retina figure below for the right side Eye.





The Eye is vertically split through the center of the Fovea. The Fovea is the area where the fine detail of the Scene exists. Note that there is more area on the nasal side than on the temporal side. The Left Visual Field (all rods and cones to the left of the dotted line) is processed by V1 on the right side of the Brain and the Right Visual Field (all rods and cones to the right of the dotted line) is processed by a different V1 on the left side of the Brain. If you close your left eye and just look through your right eye, the Conscious Light (CL) Image that you Experience is split in half for processing but you never see a line. How does it get spliced back together in the final CL Scene that we perceive? The Retina is the only place where the Scene halves are still connected together. There seems to be no downstream processing stage that even attempts to connect the Scene halves back together. There is a Processing Gap. Something else must be at work here and I think it calls for further processing beyond what we can find in the Brain at this time. It seems that there must be some sort of Inter Mind that has this processing capability.


3)   This argument involves the line detection capabilities of the Brain. Our whole Conscious existence is controlled by our Brain Cortexes. The Visual Scene from the Retina is transmitted to the Primary Visual Cortex with a very distorted Fish-Eye mapping. With these geometric distortions how do we ever see straight lines or round circles? The Cortex detects straight lines even though topographically they are not straight lines as mapped into the Primary Visual Cortex. It may be that one of the purposes of the line detection is to provide the Inter Mind with a reference template of where the straight lines should be. There is no known processing in the Brain that uses this line detection output to create the perfectly un-warped Visual Experience that we have. I will specify that this un-warp processing must be done by the Inter Mind to produce the actual straight lines that we See in our Conscious Visual Experiences.

4)   This argument is about the 3D effect in the Conscious Light (CL) Scene. With both Eyes open the input to a V1 Area will be an overlay of the equivalent Scene regions from the left Eye and the right Eye. Because of the difference in location of the Eyes the two overlaid Scenes will be slightly displaced. It is easy to imagine that this displacement of the Scenes could be exploited by some further processing to create the awesome CL 3D Scene that we Experience. There is of course further processing, but there seems to be no kind of processing that would account for the 3D look of things in the CL Scene. There is a Processing Gap. Something must monitor the V1 displacements as well as any further processing and then create the CL Scene in such a way that it has a 3D effect. The Conscious Mind (CM) could do this processing or maybe the processing will be found in the Physical Mind (PM) some day.  I believe it’s better to propose that some kind of Inter Mind performs the actual processing.


5)   This argument involves the motion detection Areas of the Brain. We think that motion is such a completely natural thing in our reality, but you will not Experience motion properly if your Motion Areas are damaged. People with extensively damaged motion Areas Experience snap shot Conscious Light (CL) Scenes that are spaced in time by seconds or even longer. Itís got to be a scary world. With less extensive damage the effect is that motion seems to have a trailing persistence effect meaning that the snap shots are just faster than in the more damaged case. From an engineering point of view it looks like the Brain is implementing some kind of Video Compression scheme. It looks like if there is no motion detected, the CL Scene doesn't need to update which would save processing time. Something is monitoring the motion Areas and only generating update CL Scenes if there is motion. If there is no motion, nothing needs to be updated. There is a Processing Gap. I believe there is further processing going on here and it must be the Inter Mind that is doing it.


6)   This argument involves color mixing. Why do the colors mix to form other colors the way they do? The most curious thing is how does White result from the combination of Red, Green, and, Blue? White seems like something very different than those primaries. Who would even say that they see the Red component in White? The sensation is that White isn't even a color. Why is Red part of white? All that the Eye does is fire some Red cones, Green cones, and Blue cones, and then we see White. How does this happen? What sequence of further Neural Activity could possibly produce an Experience of White? This is an obvious Processing Gap, and I think that the processing for this is not something we can even hypothesize about using Physical Space (PSp) knowledge. It is a different domain or kind of processing that we donít know about yet. Whatever it is and wherever it is, letís just say itís the Inter Mind that does this processing.


7)  This argument involves Conscious Attention (CA). This is the aspect of Consciousness where we can pay attention to, for example, the Conscious Light (CL) Scene and not the Conscious Sound (CS). Even within the CL Scene it is possible to move CA to different parts of the Scene even while the eyes remain fixed to a certain location point in the field of view. Your CA can be switched from CL to CS and you can pay attention to individual CS streams such as a single conversation in a crowd. Since Neural Light (NL) and Neural Sound (NS) are active in different parts of the Physical Mind (PM) this suggests that the Inter Mind can selectively observe different physical locations in the PM. You can focus so much CA on the CS that you almost seem not to see the CL at moments. You can focus so much CA on the CL that you almost don't hear the CS at times. Whatever the mechanism is for CA, it sure does seem like there must be some kind of Inter Mind that can observe various locations of the Cortex to the exclusion of other locations.


8)  This argument involves a strange condition called Functional Blindness where no Neurological deficits can be found in the Physical Mind (PM) but nevertheless patients report that they are Blind. The cause of this is a medical mystery but seems to be related to certain types of Psychological problems like depression. No Physiological explanation can be found no matter what type of test is conducted. The Neurons are Firing but the patient is still Blind. It seems almost obvious that the Inter Mind must be involved. The Neural Firing in the PM was not being interpreted and transmitted to the Conscious Mind by the Inter Mind for whatever reason. An obvious symptom of an Inter Mind problem and thus evidence of the existence of an Inter Mind.


9)  This argument involves considerations regarding Hallucinations and is a further insight into the Binding Problem. Hallucinations are interesting and maybe revealing of how Visual Consciousness works. A coworker of mine (HK) once told a story about having Hallucinations after taking a particular heart medicine. He said that he saw a man sitting on the floor in the doorway to his bedroom. He said he knew Hallucinations were possible with this medicine and he knew the man was not really there but he just had to step up and over him because it was so real. According to HK the Hallucinated man was perfectly integrated into the Conscious Light (CL) Scene. The Hallucinated man was not translucent but opaquely blocked out the background CL Scene as if it was really there. What does this say about our CL Scene construction mechanism? The visual scene is not just thrown up in front of us all at the same time but is probably constructed object by object to form the CL Scene of overlapping objects that we Experience. The important thing to realize is that there must be some process or mechanism that constructs the CL Scene by putting objects in one at a time. This happens very fast and we never seem to see an object pop in or pop out. Of course this same mechanism is putting together a CL Scene for us all the time when we dream. There is no known mechanism in the Brain that can do this Visual Overlap construction. It must be the Inter Mind that does this processing.

10)  This argument involves how we access our Memories. A Brain must have all Information Coded into Data that consists of Chemical Changes, Connection Changes, and any other changeable aspects related to Neural Plasticity. These changes will enable the Neurons to fire differently. But it is not understood how an actual Memory could possibly be just some Chemical or Connection change. These Brain changes are really just the Neural Correlates of Memories. It is unknown how these changes affect the Neural Activity to produce the Conscious Experience of a Memory. It is obvious that some kind of Inter Mind will be necessary to take the modified Neural Activity as input and produce the Conscious Experience of an actual Memory as an output which is then input to the Conscious Mind. The implication here is that the actual Memory is not located in Neural Chemical or Connection changes, but rather these Neural changes produce Neural Activity that activates the Memory that is stored in the Inter Mind as a Conscious Experience.


Connectism: Emphasizing The Connection Perspective

The Scientific and Physicalist view is that Consciousness is somehow located in the Neurons or is an Emergent Property of Neural Activity. It is a reasonable assumption given that Conscious Activity is Correlated with Neural Activity. But Science has no Theory, Hypothesis, or even a Speculation about how Consciousness could be in the Neurons or an Emergent Property. Science has not been able to show for example, how something like the Experience of Redness is some kind of effect of Neural Activity. In fact, the more you think about the Redness Experience and then think about Neural Activity, the less likely it seems that the Redness Experience is actually some sort of Neural Activity. Science has tried in vain for a hundred years to figure this out. If the Experience of Redness actually was in the Neurons, Science would have had a lot to say about it by now. Something has got to be wrong with their perspective on the problem.

The Inter Mind Model (IMM) can accommodate Consciousness as being in the Neurons or an Emergent Property, but it can also accommodate other concepts of Consciousness. The IMM is structurally a Connection Model, in the sense that the Physical Mind (PM) is connected to the Inter Mind (IM) which is connected to the Conscious Mind (CM). These Connections might be conceptual where all three Minds are actually in the Neurons or an Emergent Property. But these Connections might have more reality to them where the PM, the IM, and the CM are separate things. I will Speculate that the situation is more like the latter than the former. In that case the PM, which is in Physical Space (PSp), uses the IM to create a Connection to the CM, which is in Conscious Space (CSp). The important perspective change here is that the PM is Connected to the CM, rather than assuming that the PM contains the CM as part of the PM. This allows the CM to be a thing in itself existing in it’s own CSp.


I would like to introduce the term Connectism, to identify this new Philosophical concept. Connectism provides a new and refreshing Connection Perspective with respect to Conscious Experience. With proper usage you would say that you are a Connectist because of your Connectist views on Connectism. Connectism is similar but different from Dualism because the Dualist does not emphasize the Connection aspect of the PM to the CM. The IM is the central connecting component within Connectism. The PM is Connected to the IM and the IM is Connected to the CM. So Connectism is actually a Triple Mind perspective, in contrast with the Double Mind perspective of Dualism.

The inability of Science to solve the problem of Consciousness is the main driver for looking at other perspectives. Insisting that Consciousness is in the Neurons or is just some artifact of Neural Activity is getting us nowhere. Not only is Science unable to Explain Consciousness as Neural Activity, it is also unable to provide the first clue as to what something like the Experience of Redness actually is. Things like Redness, the Standard A Tone, and the Salty Taste, are Conscious Experiences. These kinds of Conscious Experiences are some sort of Phenomena that exist in the Reality of the Manifest Universe, but they are in a Category of Phenomena that Science cannot yet explain. It is therefore Sensible and Logical to Speculate a place for them to exist. This of Course is CSp.

At the developmental level we now will have the PM developing in PSp and a separate CM developing in CSp. There is also an IM which is developing the Connections between the PM and the CM. The CM is no longer trapped in the PM which is in PSp. The CM now has a separate development and existence in CSp. Maybe an IM, along with a CM, inhabits and uses a PM from conception. The IM and CM grow as a particular PM grows. First there is only one Neuron, then there are two, then three, and four, and so on until a fully formed PM, IM, and CM are produced. Note that maybe the IM will only need to connect with the Cortical Areas on the surface of the PM. With regard to memory, it is thought that it is possible that the recognition of objects and faces comes down to one Neuron firing. With this theory, the IM must know what a particular Neuron means when it fires in order to send a feeling of Recognition to a CM. On the other hand, if Memory has a more distributed configuration among many Neurons involving feedback and feedforward connections, then the IM will need to interpret the Memory using that more complicated activity.


Could an IM attach to a fully formed PM and just start using it? Or does an IM need to grow as a PM grows in order to properly use it? I will speculate that there probably is a developmental aspect involved in PM, IM, and CM connections. The act of growing from a single Neuron might be absolutely necessary for an IM and CM to properly connect. The IM might eventually be in contact with every Neuron in the PM. Maybe the only way an IM can be in control of billions of Neurons is if, as the PM slowly develops, the IM learns how to use each Neuron. It is not known how the IM learns the meaning of any particular Neuron that is firing. The PM and the IM might have built in mechanisms that facilitate the interconnection process. Maybe individual types of Neurons have some sort of chemical signatures that the IM can read in order to know what Conscious Experiences to produce. This seems to predict that the IM must have some innate ability to operate with Neurons.


We can make some statements about things that are in the CM and things that are in the PM. For example, the CM is where the Experiences of Redness, the Standard A Tone, and the Salty Taste are located. The CM is also where the Conscious Self is located. Examples of things that are located in the PM are Memory, Pattern Recognition, Eye Convergence/Tracking, and Balance.

Separating the CM from the PM allows a whole new Perspective for understanding various operational aspects of Consciousness. Some previous experimental deductions and conclusions about Consciousness may have to be overturned when using this new Perspective. For example, this separation provides a new way of understanding the effect of Anesthesia. With the old Perspective the reasoning was like this: The Neural Activity was halted and Consciousness seemed to also be halted, so therefore Consciousness must be in the Neurons. With the new Perspective the reasoning would be: The Neural Activity was halted and Consciousness seemed to be halted, so therefore the Connection must have been interrupted. With this new Perspective, Consciousness itself was not halted but rather the Connection from the PM to the CM was interrupted. We don't know what the CM does during an interruption. But since Anesthesia can halt Memory operations, the PM will not have been able to save any Memories of the interruption, that could be accessed by the CM after the Connection is reestablished.


The old assumptions about how PM injuries affect Consciousness will have new interpretations using the Connection Perspective. After a PM injury, the Connections between the PM and the CM can be disrupted. Memories may be difficult to retrieve, Volitional control of the body may become erratic, and the Personality might even be changed. But these are PM degradations and not CM degradations. The CM will not be affected because the CM is connected through the IM to the PM. The IM protects and buffers the CM from PM damages. The CM will effectively be Connected to something different after a PM injury. The CM will try to do the best it can with whatever PM it is Connected to, regardless of the PM degenerations that exist.


This separation of CM from PM also presents a new Perspective for thinking about the Sub-Conscious Mind versus the CM. It is logical to speculate that the Sub-Conscious Mind is completely implemented in the PM. Many of the actions we do everyday are controlled by Sub-Conscious Brain Programs that run in the background, out of view of our Conscious awareness. The IM needs to make the Processing decisions for which of the Activities in the PM should be Translated into Conscious Experiences. The IM implements the Binding Processing necessary to create a usable Conscious Experience of the External world for the CM to operate in. It would be very confusing and inefficient if the IM had to Translate all Neural Activity, including the Background Brain Programs, into Conscious Experiences. There has always been an intuition that there was a separate Conscious Mind and Sub-Conscious Mind. It is now easy to see how this PM to CM separation logically and naturally predicts a Sub-Conscious Mind concept separate from the CM.


Does the shape of the Brain say anything about the Connection Perspective? Interconnecting axons take up the bulk of the space inside the Brain (the white matter). The Conscious Experience part of the Brain consists of a thin layer of Neurons on the outer surface of the Brain (the gray matter). This is of course the Cortex. All Experience seems to to be correlated with Neural Activity in specific Areas of the Cortex. Maybe it is easier for the IM to Monitor and Connect to the Brain given that kind of surface configuration. Of course there are some large folds to the cortex, but it is essentially a surface structure. When you think about all those distinct functional Experiential Areas that make up the Cortex, it just looks like it must be some kind of Interface to some next Processing stage. But this is just a speculation. The only explanation from Brain Physiology is that it is a surface on the exterior of the Brain in order to promote cooling. But what if there is more to it than that?


It is time for Science to think more outside the Box with regard to Consciousness, and hopefully this Connection Perspective will inspire Research in new directions that might someday solve the Problem of Consciousness.


Physical Space Properties And Conscious Space Properties

Physical Red Light has Wavelength as a property and Conscious Red Light has Redness as a property. Physical Red Light does not have Redness as a property and Conscious Red Light does not have Wavelength as a property. Physical Red Light and Conscious Red Light are two different things. Physical Red Light is in Physical Space (PSp) and Conscious Red Light is in Conscious Space (CSp). The Brain receives Physical Red Light at the Retina which initiates the Neural Activity that leads to the Experience of Conscious Red Light. We don't know how this transformation from Physical Red Light to Conscious Red Light happens yet, but we know that the Conscious Red Light is a Surrogate for the Physical Red Light. This Surrogate is what we actually Experience in our Conscious Minds (CMs). This is true for all the other millions of possible Colors and so for Light in general. The Conscious Light (CL) is something different than the Physical Light (PL). You have never Seen PL. You are so used to Seeing your CL that you mistakenly think that the PL looks like that in some way.


We commonly think that Redness is a property of Physical Red Light but it is only a property of Conscious Red Light. The real Physical Red Light does not Look like anything. So here we have a Thing, the Conscious Red Light, that has a property that is purely a Conscious property. This Redness property must be Explained. It isn't an Illusion but rather it is a property of a Conscious phenomenon. So a Conscious phenomenon can have properties. We just don't know how to analyze them yet.


The Conscious Red Light can be interpreted as a type of input Data that the CM can process. The Conscious Red Light is input Data for the CM in a similar way to how the hex number 00FF0000 is input Data for a Computer. A CM Detects Physical Red Light when it receives a Conscious Red Experience. A Computer Detects Physical Red Light when it receives the 00FF0000 hex number. The Conscious Red Light and the hex number 00FF0000 are Surrogates for the Physical Red Light.


Exploring The Human Conscious Light Screen

We do not See things in the external World, but rather we Detect things by using internal Conscious processes that we are born with. We all have a personal Conscious Light Screen (CLS) that we use to detect what is happening in the external World. All the Conscious Light of your Visual Experience is painted onto that Screen. If we try to describe where this CLS is located it seems to be embedded in the front of our faces in some way. The CLS is vaguely horizontally rectangular with ambiguous edges that are hard to locate exactly. The screen seems to fade into nonexistence (not even Blackness) beyond the borders. But wherever you look, that screen is there showing you with Conscious Light what is in the scene you are looking at.


To understand this better close your eyes and observe what you See. At first there may be various After Images that represent remnants of what you were looking at, but eventually these fade away. What is left is not totally black. Note that you might have to put your hand over your eyes if you are in a bright place in order to cut off external Light from leaking through your eyelids. Most people will notice a background that has a vague grainy noise almost like the video snow noise that appeared on old analog TVs. However, this Noise is less distinct and appears to be changing much more slowly than the TV Noise. This Noise is referred to as the Visual Dark Noise when Retinal and Cortical Activity are measured using instrumentation. It is due to random Retinal and Cortical firings. But we are not making Physical Measurements, instead we are being aware of our Correlated Conscious Experience of the Visual Dark Noise. We are Experiencing the Conscious Light which is on the Dark background. Let's call this Conscious Light Experience, the Conscious Light Noise (CLN). CLN really is the background noise in your Visual detection system. Most people easily perceive that this CLN, and possible After Images, are close to the front of their faces. If you move your head around, you will See the CLN and After Images move around with your head, which keeps them in front of your face. If you move your eyes up, down, left, or right, the CLN and After Images will seem to be displaced a little in those directions, but will still basically be located in front of your face. It is interesting to note that After Images will always look close, even if the scene element that caused the After Image is far away. Now you know where your CLS is located. Of course this is probably only an apparent Location because the CLS is a Conscious Mind phenomenon and is not constructed from any Physical Material that can be Located anywhere. However, it sure seems to be Embedded in the front of our faces.


When you open your eyes the scene that you are looking at is painted onto your CLS and it is harder to perceive that the Conscious Light making up the image is still close to your face. Your Visual system tries to give you the illusion that there are things that are far away and things that are close. If you look through only one eye the depth illusion is less pronounced. But the Conscious Light that the scene is painted with is actually still located close to your face and is at the same distance as the CLN. The illusion of distance is absolutely necessary for moving around in the World.


It should be mentioned that the things and scenes you See while Dreaming are painted onto your CLS. If you try to imagine some object, you will see a grainy, hazy, version of that object painted onto your CLS. If you rub your eyes, the Lights that you might See are painted onto your CLS.


The CLS is a general purpose Visual Display Device for all Conscious beings, whether Human or Animal. The Light that is painted onto your CLS is your Light. We walk around all day long looking at our CLSs which are embedded in the front of our faces. We cannot See the CLSs of other people but if we could it would be as if everyone was wearing Virtual Reality goggles. But instead of goggles it would be Conscious Light Screens. We think we are Seeing the external World directly but we (our Conscious Minds) are always just looking (in some Conscious way) at our own CLSs.


An Interesting Conclusion

The previous arguments, I hope, have shown that the Conscious Light (CL) and Conscious Sound (CS) are not in the Physical Mind (PM), so the Conscious Experience of these things must be manufactured somewhere in the Inter Mind (IM) to Conscious Mind (CM) segment of the Inter Mind Model (IMM). But even if someday the CL and CS are actually found to "Be In the Neurons" or "Emerge From the Neurons" it is still true that they are inside us and part of what we are. We Detect the External World using our Internal CL and CS. This CL and CS are types of Data that our Internal CMs use to navigate around in External Physical Space (PSp).


If we can agree that CL and CS are created totally Internal to us then we can only conclude that WE ARE that CL and CS. It would seem that we are Beings of Light and Beings of Sound. This is a fantastic realization. Let's say it again: WE ARE the Light and the Sound that we have always Experienced. The IM must paint that beautifully colorized high definition CL Scene onto some Conscious vaguely rectangular screen that we perceive as floating in front of our faces. The IM must also create that surround sound CS Scene that seems to be all around us.


But the IM that does all that is also part of what we are. Maybe the PM (and the whole Physical Body) are just one component of what we are. Maybe our IM and CM components are really the larger part and the most important aspect of what we are. Our Physical differences become irrelevant because we are all made out of the same Conscious stuff in Conscious Space (CSp). Note that the Experience of Light and Sound is emphasized in these arguments but all the Conscious Experiences: Taste, Smell, Touch, Love, Hate, Pleasure, Pain, etc. are Experienced in the CM not in the PM. There will be Neural Correlates in the PM but the eventual Experience is in the CM. This logically brings us to the thought that everything we Know and Experience has always been completely in CSp, and not in PSp. Our Conscious Existence is merely Connected to PSp and to our Physical Bodies. We can now understand that our Physical Bodies are not where our Conscious Existences are located. As Conscious Entities, we live in CSp.


Saying that we are the CL immediately makes you think about Jesus saying that he was the Light of the World. You should not confuse this Religious proposition with what the IMM is saying. Any interpretation of the "Jesus Light of the World" statement will tell you that the Light simply means the Truth. The IMM is saying that we are literally the CL that our CMs Experience. The CL and the CM are Conscious things.


We know the Physical Body and PM disappear, but since the CM seems like it is something outside of PSp, the logical deduction that this Conscious aspect of our being might survive after Death is a tantalizing possibility. This might sound like an old proposition from Religion, but the CM is not anything like the classic religious Soul concept. The CM is not some translucent version of your Physical Body, but rather it is something different than your Physical Body. We do not know what pure Conscious existence will be like when the CM is detached from the PM.


What Should We And Can We Do Next?

The Knowledge that we exist as Conscious Experiences is a fantastic Realization. We are the Conscious Light (CL), the Conscious Sound (CS), and all the other possible Conscious Experiences. I particularly like to concentrate my studies on the CL. So now that we understand that this CL is part of what we ARE, what should we do next to further explore and understand this Phenomenon? The CL is a Phenomenon that exists in the Universe. CL is not studied by Science, because Scientists have not found a way to study it. Scientists cannot directly Measure it because there are no CL detectors, and Scientists do not know how to design such detectors. Instead, Scientists have been forced to at least ignore CL, and at worst to completely deny the existence of CL. This Gap in understanding Conscious Experience is, and should be, an Embarrassment for Science. Not because Science cannot Explain it, but because Science is trying to hide and cover up the fact that Science cannot Explain it. It is actually very disappointing to me that, that is the case.


For now, we will each have to be satisfied with studying our own individual CL Phenomenon. Try to look at a scene in the External World with the purpose of being aware of the CL that the Visual Experience is constructed from. Be aware that you are not seeing the actual External objects, but rather you are Experiencing the CL that was created by your Mind. If we all periodically do this then maybe, just maybe, some smart Mind will eventually be able to advance our understanding of CL. I hope this will at least keep the fact of the existence of CL in the collective awareness of the Scientific community.


The above paragraph is about what we should do next, but we can also ask: What can we do next? Does the knowledge of our Existence as CL give us any kind of advantage while operating in the Physical World? Some people have wondered if this knowledge can give us some sort of Super Power? Could it facilitate an ESP ability that we did not have? For example, maybe when we practice awareness of our CL we will develop the ability to experience the CL of other people. It is tempting to wonder if Remote Viewing might be enabled by this knowledge? For me the realization of CL has been an Existential surprise that came out of my quest to understand how we See. For me the Super Power, if you can call it that, is the fact of Knowing the truth about the Existence of CL. The benefit of this Knowledge might only be for Conscious Space existence and not for Physical Space existence. With Conscious Experience all speculations must remain on the table.


The Conscious Self

The previous discussions have primarily dealt with how the Conscious Mind (CM) Experiences such things as Conscious Light (CL) and Conscious Sound (CS). But with any Conscious Experience there seems to be an implied Conscious Self (CSf) that Experiences the Experience. One approach is to say that the Conscious Experience and the CSf are all part of a single CM thing. I think the best thing to say is that we really don't know how to understand this yet, which is ironic because this is what we are.


The CSf can have Good Experiences, Neutral Experiences, or Bad Experiences. The CSf will try to seek out Good Experiences and try to avoid Bad Experiences. The CSf must have a Conscious Volition (CV) capability in order to satisfy it's desires. This means that the Inter Mind (IM) must not only connect forward from Physical Mind (PM) to CM but must also connect backward from CM to PM. With the forward connection the IM is monitoring the PM and converting Neural Activity into Conscious Experience. With the backward connection the IM is monitoring the CM and converting CV into Neural Activity to move the Physical Body. This Good and Bad Experience process will be discussed more fully in the next section.


There are of course different types of reflexes like the Startle Reflex and the Hot Stove Reflex that can cause the body to move in certain ways. The Startle Reflex can be triggered by sudden close motion or a loud sound, which causes the eyes to automatically blink closed. The Hot Stove Reflex can be triggered by touching a hot surface, which causes your hand to automatically retract from the surface. There are no CV inputs from the CM back to the PM because it would take too long.


The CM uses CV to create movements for the long term strategic goal of seeking Good Experiences and avoiding Bad Experiences. The built-in Reflex movements are for the short term tactical movements needed to avoid injury.


We can now make a distinction between the Physical Self (PSf) and the CSf. The PSf consists of the PM plus the whole Physical Body. The CSf only includes the CM because there does not seem to be a Conscious Body analogous to the Physical Body. So the CSf is the CM. We can say that being Self Aware is being aware of our CMs. However, the CM is not a Conscious Experience, but rather the CM is the Thing that Experiences the Conscious Experiences. The upshot of all this is that, since we cannot Experience the CM as an Experience, we cannot really be Self Aware. We can only be Aware of our Experiences. I remember the first time I tried to experiment with Self Awareness. I concentrated real hard and was thinking: There it is, I got it. But I quickly realized that I was just being aware of some muscle tensions in my forehead and eyes. I eventually came to the conclusion that it was not possible to be Self Aware. Sure, we can conceptually speculate about a CSf, but I don't think we can be Aware of the actual CSf Thing. So for now, with the state of our understanding being what it is, we should just say that it is the unobservable Observer.


The CM is where all our Conscious Experiences happen, and we each have our own little chunk of CM in Conscious Space (CSp). We can lightheartedly imagine that our CM chunks are Spheres in CSp. We would be Spheres of Consciousness. More specifically, we would be Spheres of Conscious Light, plus all the other Conscious Experiences. When our Spheres Connect to a particular PM in PSp, our Spheres will take on the Dimensions of that PSp. So our Spheres will be 3D because our Space is 3D. Disconnected Conscious Spheres are probably dimensionless. I have always wanted to understand 4D Space better, so if there is any reality to Reincarnation, I would like to try existing as a 4D PM in a 4D PSp someday. Yes, then I would finally be able to comprehend 3D Flat Surfaces in 4D Space.


But how can the CM interact with the PM to produce Volition? There are Neuron structures called Microtubules that seem to operate at the Quantum level of Physics. These Microtubules could be influenced by Quantum Fluctuations in Space-Time. So if a CM could cause a Quantum Fluctuation near a Microtubule then the CM might be able to influence the Brain in a large way if enough Microtubules are affected. This is very hypothetical but it is a logical avenue to explore.


The Good And The Bad

The following diagram is a Closed Loop model depicting Good Experience (Green) and Bad Experience (Red) connections. There is also a Volition Connection (Yellow) returning back from the Conscious Mind (CM) to the Physical Mind (PM).


The Good And The Bad


A Good Experience originates in the PM as Neural Activity for the Good Experience which we can call a Neural Good (NG). The stimulus for a NG can be something like a Pleasant Taste, a Pleasant Smell, or the Experience of Sex. This NG Activity is monitored by the Inter Mind (IM) which converts it to a Good Conscious Experience which we can call a Conscious Good (CG). The IM then delivers the CG to the CM. The CM receives this CG input and decides that it likes it. The CM will issue Conscious Volition (CV) movement outputs to the IM in order to fulfill the positive Desire for more of the Good Experience. The IM converts these CV signals to Neural Volition (NV) Movement actions in order to get more of the Good Experience. So a CG is a Motivation for the CM to seek out more of the CG. In the case of Sexual Desire, movement towards the opposite sex and having intercourse would satisfy the positive Sexual Desire.


A Bad Experience originates in the PM as Neural Activity for the Bad Experience which we can call a Neural Bad (NB). The stimulus for a NB can be something like Hunger, Fear, or Pain. This NB Activity is monitored by the IM and is converted to a Bad Conscious Experience which we can call a Conscious Bad (CB). The IM then delivers the CB to the CM. The CM receives this CB input and decides that it does not like it. The CM will issue CV movement outputs to the IM in order to fulfill the negative Desire to stop receiving the Bad Experience. The IM converts these CV signals to NV Movement actions in order to move away from the Bad Experience. So a CB is a Motivation for the CM to avoid the CB. In the case of Hunger, movement towards a source of Food and eating would satisfy the negative Hunger Desire.


Nobody knows for sure exactly When or How this closed loop Desire fulfilling mechanism Evolved. Since it is Obviously very beneficial for the Animal or Organism to have this mechanism we can speculate that it must have appeared very early in the Evolution of Animal Life. But the important thing to remember is that when an Animal fulfills a Desire it is implementing a Conscious Phenomenon that is controlling things in the Physical World. The positive and negative Desires directly affect the Survival Rates of Animals and Organisms and will in the long run affect the Evolution of these Animals and Organisms. It is a logical conclusion to state that even primitive Consciousness can influence Evolution. Evolution is not a completely Mindless, Bio Electrical Chemical, DNA Mutating, Environmentally Influenced process. Rather, Evolution is driven by a combination of primitive Conscious Desires, Bio Electrical Chemical processes, Random DNA Mutations, and Environmental Influences. It could be asked what the relative contribution is for Conscious Desires in Evolution. I believe it will be shown to have much more of an effect than is recognized today in the Evolutionary Literature. It might even be discovered to be the primary driver for Evolution. In any case I am sure Evolutionary literature is due for a big update regarding Consciousness.


This Good Bad Model (GBM) is probably an insight into the early primitive operation of Consciousness at the dawn of Consciousness. But it obviously still applies to Animal and Human behavior even today. We can not know for sure that it operates at the Single Cell Animal level, but we can Speculate that it might. Note that Animal Life is specified because Animal Life can physically move. I am not so sure about Insect Life, but I think Insects may have some rudimentary Conscious Experiences. Plant Life seems like it does not have Conscious Experience and it cannot move, so it will be assumed that the GBM is not applicable to Plant Life. Maybe when Science understands Consciousness better we will be able to bring Plant Life back into the GBM.


I think the GBM will be important for understanding the requirements of Machine Consciousness. We speculated that Volition could be implemented using the Tunneling effect of Quantum Mechanics. But how can a CG or a CB be Experienced by a Machine? What electronic device could perform this function? Conscious Machines will not be possible until Science discovers how a closed loop GBM can be implemented. But even before the Loop is closed we need to discover how to enable a Machine to Experience the Good and the Bad.



When the topic of Volition is discussed the Libet Experiment will always need to be addressed. Libet first conducted this Experiment 50 years ago and other researchers have conducted many more variations of it in the following years. The Philosophical implications of the Experiment have been hotly debated ever since. It seemed like there was Measurable Brain Activity (the Readiness Potential) 200 or more mSec before the subject even knew they wanted to move their finger. At first, the conclusion was that Free Will is not a Conscious Choice, but is embedded in the deterministic Physics of the Neurons. Many other researchers have debunked this result for various technical reasons.


I think there may have been a more fundamental flaw in the Experiment, due to a basic Brain Operation that was not taken into account at that time. The basic unaccounted for Operation was that a Brain can execute a Program, which can perform at Sub-Conscious Levels. A Brain Program, as we will call it, is not anything like a Computer Program in how it is stored or how it is executed. A Brain Program must be stored in the Neural Plasticity of the Brain, similar to how the Information of Knowledge is stored. Anytime we are learning some new sequence of movements we will need to be slow and deliberate, because we have to think about each movement. After a while we won't need to think as much about each step, and after a longer time we might be able to perform that sequence without much thought at all. Our Brains can be configured to execute Movement Sequences or other Activities using a Brain Program. This is how we can drive for a time period and then think back realizing we were not aware of driving over that time period. This is how Musicians play their instruments while playing memorized music. Musicians certainly cannot think about each note, when they are playing a fast Sequence. Playing Music is obviously accomplished, in part, by executing Brain Programs.


Libet did not take into account that the subjects were executing a Brain Program while at the same time deciding when to move their fingers. This particular Brain Program is related to what I will call the Pounce Program that seems to become a Brain Program early in the life of Humans and Animals. An Animal will creep up to it's prey and when within striking distance still wait for the right moment to Pounce. The Animal is executing a Brain Program that is generating the urge to, Go Pounce Now, over and over again. The Program gives the Animal the urge to Pounce, but the Animal can resist the urge until the right moment. That moment will be a Conscious Decision of Volition to Pounce. The Pounce Moment will be driven by all kinds of Sensory input factors, but especially the Visual Experience for movement of the Prey. Humans have incorporated such Pounce Programs too. These Programs probably developed through early childhood game playing. Now think about your Experiences when you have Fly Swatter in hand and are ready to Swat (Pounce) a Fly. We can call this Brain Program the Swat Program. You will feel internal Urges to Swat, which you hold back until you make a Conscious Decision to Swat. So if a Readiness Potential was Measured during this Swatting activity, there would certainly be Readiness Potential increases before the Conscious Volition to actually Swat. But this is only because the Swat Program was running in your Brain generating these Readiness Potentials.


Now back to the Libet Experiment. It is probably easy for the Brain to adapt the Swat Program for other activities that are similar to Swatting. Randomly deciding when to move your finger, as in the Libet Experiment, probably used the Swat Program right from the start. In fact, the subjects commented that they felt an Urge to move their fingers and were able to hold the Urge off until they actually wanted to move their fingers. The Readiness Potential was being generated by a Brain Program and not by Volition or Free Will. This is the basic flaw in the Experiment. The Experiment was Measuring the Readiness Potential generated by a Brain Program. It had little to do with Volition or Free Will. Libet was aware that the subjects were getting Urges to move their fingers before they actually moved them, but he did not recognize that they were in fact executing Brain Programs. I think that Brain Programs will always interfere with any kind of Experiment like this, because we probably use Brain Programs for most of the things we do. It was actually never reasonable to expect that mSec timed Random Finger Movements have anything to do with Volition or Free Will. These kinds of Experiments are obviously more in the category of Neuro-Mechanistic timing studies.


Volition is always linked to Free Will in Philosophical discussions. I will attempt to uncouple Volition from Free Will, and develop a way of thinking about the concept of Volition that does not have the Philosophical baggage of Free Will, although I will make a quick comment at the end about Free Will. With the Perspective of the Inter Mind Model (IMM), we can ask the question: Is Volition a process in the Conscious Mind (CM) or is it simply Neural Activity of the right kind in the Physical Mind (PM)?


If an Animal is going to Seek out the Good and Avoid the Bad, as described in a previous section, then the Animal is going to have to generate Movement Commands to its Muscles to Move toward the Good and away from the Bad. But the Good and the Bad are Conscious Experiences in the CM, so the Desire and the Volition to Seek and Avoid must originate in the CM. The PM does not Experience the Good or the Bad, so it is not Coherent to think that the Desire or the Volition to Seek and Avoid are rooted in the PM. The Desire and the Volition to Seek and Avoid must Logically originate in the CM. The CM will Experience Desire to move toward the Good or away from the Bad. It is more proper to say that these are Conscious Desires and Conscious Volitions. The Inter Mind (IM) will Detect these Conscious Desires and, through Conscious Volition, will generate the appropriate movements or execute the appropriate Brain Program to satisfy the Conscious Desires.


We can also explore a higher level Conscious Desire that only a Human Mind could have. Let's consider the Desire for Knowledge. This Desire is clearly a Conscious Experience in the Conscious Mind. This Conscious Desire will be satisfied over the time period of a Human Lifetime. It is a slow acting Conscious Desire that gets fulfilled by incremental acts of Conscious Volition to get the new Knowledge. It is easy to understand that Conscious Volition will always be the mechanism for satisfying Conscious Desires, even higher level Conscious Desires.


We might expect that there will be some Neural Activity associated with these Conscious Desires. That Neural Activity will be the Neural Correlates of the Conscious Desires. But Neural Activity is not a Consciously Experienced Desire. The Experience of a Desire must be in the Conscious Mind. So if there is Neural Activity in the Brain, but there is no Experienced Conscious Desire, then there is no Desire at all.


The Human Brain cannot Desire anything, because the Human Brain is a Physical thing, and Desire happens as a Conscious Experience in a CM. Since the Human Brain cannot have Desires we can conclude that it has no Volition capability to satisfy Desires. Clearly, Volition is a purely Conscious Phenomenon that has to flow from the CM back through the IM and to the PM. We can abstract this further and say, that since the Human Brain cannot exercise Volition, that it also has no Free Will. If there is any Free Will, it is in the CM and not in the PM. Since we know that Computers have no Connections to an IM or to a CM, it is obvious that there are no Volition inputs to Computers as they are constructed today. Without Consciousness there is no Volition. This statement must still apply even if you Believe that Consciousness "Is In The Neurons" or "Emerges From The Neurons", because there has to be some implementation of the functionality of Consciousness, somewhere, somehow.

Knowledge, Knowing, Learning, And Memory

I have tried to avoid topics related to Knowledge, Knowing, Learning, Understanding, Recognition, Thinking, and etc., because it seemed difficult to define these things properly. In spite of that, I would now like to make an attempt at defining and talking about Knowledge, Knowing, and Learning. Let us narrow the scope of the broader term Knowledge and define Knowledge as stored Information. In Computer Systems, Information would need to be Coded into a form of Data that the Computer can process. A Computer must have all Information converted into Data that consists of patterns of Ones and Zeros. In Brain Systems (Human or Animal), Information would need to be converted into a form of Data that a Brain can process. A Brain must have all Information Coded into Data that consists of Chemical Changes, Connection Changes, and any other changeable aspects related to Neural Plasticity. The important thing to understand is that for Computers and for Brains the actual Information must be Coded into some Physical Configurations in some sort of Physical Memory. With a Computer, the Physical Memory is the Hard Drive, RAM, or any other storage Media that can store the necessary Ones and Zeros. With a Brain, the Physical Memory seems to be distributed throughout the whole Brain and is implemented in the Neural Plasticity Changes of the Brain.


I think we can explore Knowledge and Knowing by submitting a test question to a Brain and then to a Computer. Let the question be: What kind of animal Meows? Putting aside the difficulties of parsing the Sentence, we can view this as a Memory Association Data Access operation, and the Brain and the Computer will produce the answer: Cat. But now let's examine the differences in the underlying processes that occurred. First for the Brain. We can say that the word Animal and then the word Meow will Associate in the Brain to eventually fire some Neurons that indicate Cat. But there is no Experience of Knowing that the answer is Cat until the next Processing stage, where a Signal of Cat and Knowingness is received by the Conscious Mind. In other words, the Meaning of the Neural Cat Signal must become Known in the Conscious Mind. The Knowing is in the Conscious Mind. The Physical Brain Knows nothing. It is just a processor. Now for the Computer. The Computer can have an Associative Database that will retrieve the text string Cat for the given input of Animal and Meow. But the Computer does not have the next processing stage of Knowingness that is implemented in a Conscious Mind. So we can conclude that the Computer never Knows it computed the answer of Cat. With a Computer it is always only Processing. There is never any Knowing. This might seem obvious, but a lot of people seem to think that Computers are operating like Brains and that Computers can in some way Know things. There is nobody home in a Computer, like there is in a Brain.


Now let's talk about this in terms of the Inter Mind Model (IMM). We will ignore details of the Processing that had to occur in the Brain or in the Computer, that was needed to arrive at the answer of Cat. For the Brian there will be Neural Activity that fires Neurons for Cat. For the Computer there will be Computational Activity that will load the text string "Cat" into three bytes of RAM designated as the location for the answer. In both cases there has been some sort of Activity that indicates the answer is Cat. Up to this point the Process has been Mechanistic and Mindless for the Brain and for the Computer. There is no Knowing that it is Cat yet.


From the operation of the IMM we know that the Inter Mind (IM) is intimately Connected to the Brain, which in IMM terminology is the Physical Mind (PM). The IM is constantly monitoring the PM and is able to interpret the Neural Activity as referencing the word Cat. The IM converts this Neural Activity to the word Cat and to a Feeling of Knowing. The IM then sends the word Cat and the Feeling of Knowing to the Conscious Mind (CM). The Conscious Experience of the word Cat might consist of some vague Auditory Experience of the word Cat and maybe some hazy Visual spelling of the word Cat. There might be a fuzzy Image of a Cat. Other related associations of everything you have ever Experienced related to Cats can arise. But the important thing is that you Know the answer is Cat in your Conscious Mind. You also have the Feeling of Knowing it. There was no Knowing with merely the Neural Activity of the Brain. From this we can understand that the Computer will not be able to Know it has calculated or processed anything. There is no Connection to an IM or to a CM with Computers. But that is not to say that a Computer can not be designed to include such a Connection. The Technology is just not advanced to the point where we know how to do this yet.


We can now Logically say, because a Brain can Know the Information that it Processes, the Brain can have Knowledge. But since the Computer does not Know the Information it Processes, we can say a Computer can not have Knowledge, even though there is much stored Information. If a Computer is Programmed to Display the word Cat on a screen then the fact that the word is Displayed still does not indicate Knowing for the Computer. A Human Brain would be needed to read the screen and do some further Neural Processing to Know that the Computer computed Cat as the answer. The Computer still does not Know anything.


Now I would like to say some things about Human Memory in general. For a long time I was convinced that the Memory of things was strictly a PM function, but recently it has seemed to me that the only thing the PM does is store the Neural Correlates of Memories and not the Actual Memories. The PM can fire Neural Activity for a particular Memory or Knowledge such as for a Cat, but where does the actual Memory of a Cat come from? There seems to be no Explanation for how Neurons firing could possibly mean Cat or any of the thousands and thousands of other pieces of Knowledge stored in our Memories. It seems Logical that the situation for Memories is similar to the situation for Conscious Sensory Experiences. There is no Explanation for how we Experience Redness from Neural Activity. But we have Logically deduced that there must be some sort of IM monitoring the Visual Cortex. When the IM detects that the Redness Neurons are firing it produces the Redness Experience for the CM. Along that same line of Logic, it is deduced that the IM must be monitoring the PM for Neural Activity related to all the Memories that we might have stored. When there is Neural Activity for something like Cat, the IM detects this Neural Activity and produces a Cat Experience, as described above, for the CM. The PM merely provides the signal (Neural Activity) that triggers the actual Memory that is located in the IM. The Human Brain cannot Know anything, because the Human Brain is a Physical thing, and Knowing happens as a Conscious Experience in a CM.


We can now talk about Learning as the storage of New Information. For a Brain, the Neural Plasticity of the Brain will need to be changed in such a way that the New Information is encoded. There is now a Configuration change inside the Brain, and we can say the Brain was Reconfigured with the New Information. For a Computer, some New Patterns of Ones and Zeros will need to be included in such a way that the New Information is encoded. There is now a Configuration change inside the Computer and we can say the Computer has been Reconfigured with the New Information. As described above, the Brain will be able to access this New Information and Know this New Information. The Information is not Learned until it is Known. It will be New Knowledge. If the Information does not become Known, it is just a Reconfiguration and nothing more. A Computer will be able to access the Information but does not Know the Information. So a Computer cannot Learn in the same sense as a Brain/Mind. A Computer can be Reconfigured, but it cannot Learn. A Neural Net can be Reconfigured, but it does not really Learn. We say the Neural Net Learned, mostly by convention and for convenience.


Let's see what a Cat can Know and what the IBM Watson can Know. The IBM Watson has access to much Information but it can not Know anything. A Cat only has a little Information but it can Know this Information. A Cat therefore can know more than the IBM Watson because, whatever a Cat Knows, is going to be more than what the IBM Watson Knows, which is nothing. Without Consciousness there is no Knowing. This statement must still apply even if you Believe that Consciousness "Is In The Neurons" or "Emerges From The Neurons", because there has to be some implementation of the functionality of Consciousness, somewhere, somehow.



In this section I will attempt to define Understanding with respect to the Inter Mind Model (IMM). With the Perspective of the IMM, we can ask the question: Is Understanding a process in the Conscious Mind (CM) or is it simply Neural Activity of the right kind in the Physical Mind (PM)?


The concept of Understanding, as with the concept of Knowing, is difficult to define properly. First, I will try to show that Understanding is different from Knowing. Let's consider the equation, E = mc2. This is an iconic equation that most people have seen on TV or in the movies. I think I remember seeing it on the old Twilight Zone TV Series Intro. Many people have this equation in their Memories and they therefore Know this equation and can recite it. A lot of people probably Know that E is the Energy and m is the mass. Fewer people will Know that c is the Velocity of Light. However, even the people that Know what all the variables mean might not actually Understand this equation. Understanding would require that there is at least a recognition of the Implication of the equation, which is that a little bit of mass can be equivalent to a lot of Energy. A Deeper Understanding would come from being able to derive the equation from Momentum concepts and the limiting effect of the speed of Light. So it is clear that People can have Knowledge of all kinds of things, but might not have an Understanding of those things.


It was previously shown that Knowledge is simply static Information of Known things. Let's define Understanding as a Relationship between those Known things. Let's now consider an equation that everybody Knows and Understands, 1 + 1 = 2. You can say 1 + 1 = 2 as a Known fact without necessarily Understanding it. Understanding takes more work. Understanding this equation requires that you somehow produce a Relationship between the two 1s. You can write a 1 on a piece of paper and then write another 1 on that paper. You can then proceed to count how many 1s there are and get the answer 2. There is a Relationship between the 1s when they are written together. You can then draw a dot on another piece of paper and then draw another dot on that piece of paper. You can then go count the dots and you will get the answer 2. Now you have attained a deeper Understanding of the equation. You have found that it's not only a 1 and a 1 that results in a count of 2 but also that a dot and a dot results in a count of 2. You will find that if you do this for other kinds of objects that the count is always 2. You have now generalized what was an abstract mathematical equation to real Physical World situations. You will have written and drawn things on the paper but you would need to have Seen the things as Visual Experiences in your Mind to properly Understand. Your Visual system operates to Detect the Writing on the paper, and through the action of the Inter Mind (IM), transforms it into a Conscious Visual Experience.

You could have done the above exercises without writing and drawing on paper. You could have done this all in your Mind. You could have imagined a 1 and then another 1 in your Mind. Imagining a 1 is probably going to require that you recall the Image of a 1 from Memory. Your PM will have the Information for a 1 stored in the Neural Plasticity of the Brain. There will be Neural Activity involved with accessing this Information. The IM will detect this Neural Activity and know that it represents the Image of a 1. The IM will then generate the Conscious Experience, and therefore the Knowledge, of the two 1s. The 1s will probably be hazy and fuzzy when imagined this way, and some people may be able to imagine more vividly than others. Nevertheless, it will still necessarily be a Conscious Experience in the Mind. I will make the Speculation that it is probably not even possible to Understand that 1 + 1 = 2 without the use of an internal Visual Image of the situation. So I think it is fair to state that Understanding is purely a CM activity. There is no Understanding in the PM. The PM can store the Information that 1 + 1 = 2 because anyone can reflexively recall that Information and say it. You can punch in a 1 and then another 1 on a Calculator and get 2, but there is no Understanding involved within the Calculator in producing that answer of 2. Understanding, even the simplest concepts, requires something beyond static Information, Knowledge, and Calculation. Understanding requires a more Dynamic Relational Process that seems to need a Conscious Experience. It requires that there is a CM to Experience the steps of the Process. So, Understanding is at it's core an Experience and is not even a thing that exists in the Physical World. The Human Brain cannot Understand anything, because the Human Brain is a Physical thing, and Understanding happens as a Conscious Experience in a CM.


Since a Computer cannot Experience anything, a Computer can never Understand anything. To say that a Computer Understands something is the same kind of error as saying that a Computer Knows something. Without Consciousness there is no Understanding. This statement must still apply even if you Believe that Consciousness "Is In The Neurons" or "Emerges From The Neurons", because there has to be some implementation of the functionality of Consciousness, somewhere, somehow.



Creativity seems like an almost impossible topic of Consciousness to deal with. But I believe that given some Logical Thinking we will be able to explore Creativity. With the Perspective of the Inter Mind Model (IMM), we can ask the question: Is Creativity a process in the Conscious Mind (CM) or is it simply Neural Activity of the right kind in the Physical Mind (PM)?


Music can be very Creative, but Music can also not be very Creative. Listening to Random Noise or Random Tones can be interesting for a short period time. However, Random Noise and Tones are not very Creative and are not really even Music. I think that Enjoyment is very important when it comes to Artistic Creations. Much Music is written, but the Music that is truly Creative and Original has a Special Essence. People Enjoy it. I think it is clear that the appreciation of that Special Essence of the Music needs to take place in a CM. Scientists can study and measure all the Neural Activity related to this, and still know nothing about the Enjoyment of the Conscious Experience of the Music. The IMM Logically compels us to understand that Music is for the CM and not for the PM.


Claims about Computers creatively writing Music are misleading. Let's explore the Creative Process for Human Music and for Computer Music. The Human composer will get Inspired by a particular line of Musical Notes while Hearing them in the CM. The Human composer might play these Notes on a Piano, Guitar, or other instrument to get a more robust Auditory Experience than what is in the Imagination of the CM. The Human composer will develop a Desire to write the Music. The Human composer is constantly Hearing the Notes at the CM level in order to write the Music. This is because the Human composer instinctively knows the Music is being composed for the Enjoyment of a CM.


Computer Music is not produced this way. Computer Music is generated by Algorithms, Rules, and Random Note generators. The Computer is not Hearing, as a Conscious Experience, any of the Music that is being generated because a Computer has no Connection to a CM. The Computer program is trying to generate Music for the Enjoyment of a CM without being able to Experience it as a CM. It cannot Hear what it is Generating. The Computer cannot Enjoy the Music and it can never Listen to the Music like a CM would be able to do. The Computer does not Desire to write Music and it does not even know that it generated Music. It's all Algorithmic and Mechanistic. It is obvious that a Computer is unable to write Music for a CM, and there is no way to Program that ability into the Computer with Software. It can only be concluded that a Computer cannot Creatively Write Music, but rather it Generates or Calculates the Music.


When it is realized that a Computer is merely Calculating Music, it becomes completely understandable that there is no Creativity involved. But the Human Brain also cannot be Creative, because the Human Brain is a Physical thing, and Creativity happens as a Conscious Experience in a CM. This statement must still apply even if you Believe that Consciousness "Is In The Neurons" or "Emerges From The Neurons", because there has got to be some implementation of the functionality of Consciousness, somewhere, somehow.



Humor is not well understood even by the experts, so this section will not try to define what it is, why it Evolved, or why any particular joke or circumstance is Funny. All we will try to do is answer the same question that has been asked for the previous Abstract features of Consciousness. With the Perspective of the Inter Mind Model (IMM): Is Humor a process in the Conscious Mind (CM) or is it simply Neural Activity of the right kind in the Physical Mind (PM)?


Question: Why did the chicken cross the road? Answer: To get to the other side! I can't laugh out loud over it anymore, but I can still Experience the Humor of this to a certain extent. The Memory of the Question and the Answer is in my PM, but it is not Humorous until I recall the Question and the Answer into my CM. Then the Humor appears. Even though the Question and the Answer are in the PM there is no actual Experience of Humor in the PM.


Let's examine what happens in the CM while Experiencing this joke. First, the Question sets up the vague Conscious Visual Experience of a Road and a Chicken on one side of the Road looking across to the other side. The PM and or the CM reel to try to figure out some cleaver answer, maybe trying to Imagine what could be on the other side. Next, when the Answer is revealed, the simple obviousness of it causes the Humor. The CM can then have a Visual Experience of the Chicken going across for no reason other than to get to the other side. These Visual Experiences of the joke, acting in the CM, are what ultimately creates the Conscious Experience of the Humor. Without all the Visual Imaginings there can be no Humor. The PM is unable to do these kinds of Experiential Imaginings because the PM is just a material thing devoid of the capability to Imagine or Experience. How can the Humor of this be stored in the Neural Plasticity of the Brain? The Experience of the Humor cannot be stored, but possibly a Memory that this joke is Funny, could be stored. You cannot Experience the Humor of the joke until you do a little Visual Imagining. This statement must still apply even if you Believe that Consciousness "Is In The Neurons" or "Emerges From The Neurons", because there has got to be some implementation of the functionality of Consciousness, somewhere, somehow.


Now let's think about Humor with respect to a Computer. There is Zero capability for a Computer to Experience Humor for the same reasons the PM cannot. There is no Conscious Experience of Humor in a Computer. No matter how realistically a Human looking Robot appears to be Laughing, it is all just a program with no Experience of the Humor. It is merely simulating a Laugh.



Positive Emotions are such things as Happiness, Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Pride, Hope, and Love. Negative Emotions are such things as Sadness, Fear, Hate, Shame, Regret, Anger, Guilt, and Depression. There will be Neural Correlates in the Physical Mind (PM) for these Emotions, but they are not truly Emotions until the Conscious Mind (CM) Experiences them. Emotions are purely CM phenomena. The Brain itself does not Experience Emotions.


A Computer cannot Experience anything, as designed with today's technology. So a Computer will not be able to Experience Emotions. But what if we could someday design Conscious Computers that have Emotional capability? I don't think I will ever trust a Self Driving car that has no Fear. Self Driving Cars that could be developed with the Desire to get to a destination safely would have a good marketing talking point. Imagine if a sense of accomplishment, or Pride, could be designed into Machines. As AI gets more and more sophisticated I believe we will find that giving Machines basic Emotions will become almost mandatory.


There are probably many reasons why designing Emotions into Machines would be advantageous. Machines could have their own CMs, containing only a Limited set of Emotions and Desires that would be specific for the intended Task. We can Speculate that these Machines could be designed to take Pride in doing a particular Task and be completely Fulfilled and Happy to accomplish that Task. The Task is the only thing they would ever want to do. Nature is full of examples of such Limited Conscious Minds. Let's think about the Conscious existence of a Cat. It only wants to do Cat things. All it wants is to Eat, have Sex, Sleep, and occasionally Play. It has no further higher Desires or Thoughts. A Cat is completely fulfilled and Happy doing these Cat things.


Everything We Are

The above sections on Volition, Knowledge, Understanding, Creativity, Humor, and Emotions have shown that these aspects of the Human Mind are firmly based in the Conscious Mind (CM). The Physical Mind (PM) has no Volition, Knowledge, Understanding, Creativity, Humor, or Emotions. These all involve a CM as the place where these things happen. Also, we have previously realized that all Sensory Experience happens in the CM. Think about Redness, the Standard A Tone, the Taste of Salt, the Smell of Bleach, and the Touch of a Rough Surface.


Taking this one step further, it is Logical to Speculate that everything we are, and every thing we thought we were, is some kind of Conscious Experience. We might actually only Exist as CMs in Conscious Space, and are merely Connected to our PMs in Physical Space. There might be no Conscious aspect in the PM that is part of what we are. The PM would be an Unconscious, ElectroChemical, Mechanistic, Tool that the CM uses. When the PM goes away, the CM will probably just say: ... Hmmm ... What was that? ... and then go about the business it was doing for eons prior to that Physical Life Connection. Or, maybe it will remember, and have learned from the Experience.


Why All Current Scientific Theories Of Consciousness Fail

The following will present some of the current theories that are reported to explain Conscious Experience. I will stipulate that the theory must address Conscious Experience and not just talk about some vague generalized Consciousness concept. I will state that there actually is no such thing as just Consciousness. It is always some kind of Conscious Experience. I will apply the Inter Mind Model (IMM) to each theory. The theory must be able to Explain what an Inter Mind (IM) would be in the theory. In order to Explain how the theory incorporates an IM, the theory must have the answer to a basic question. Given:


1) Neural Activity happens in the Physical Mind (PM)

2) Conscious Experience happens in the Conscious Mind (CM)


How does the Neural Activity of 1 produce the Conscious Experience of 2?


The IMM expects that there is some sort of IM that takes the Neural Activity as the input and produces the Conscious Experience as the output. So, the following analyses will demand that each theory have a plausible Explanation for what an IM would be in the theory. In other words, how does the theory explain Conscious Experiences?


I consider this section a Work In Progress. I am going to ask for your feedback at the end of each theory discussion. I will update the theory sections, as appropriate, with viewer comments. Please use the following email:



First, I would like to talk about Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch OR) with respect to Conscious Experience. This theory says that Consciousness is based on certain structures in the Neurons (Microtubules) that operate at the Quantum Level. This is all well and good as a speculation about what might be happening in the Neurons. The problem is that even if it is correct, it sheds no light on the basic question as posed above. It will always talk about some vague Consciousness concept. It cannot solve any of the problems of Conscious Experience. There is no attempt at Explaining what an IM would be within the theory. Some writings claim the theory solves the Hard Problem of Conscious Experience. I don't see it, and it is Incoherent to state that this solves the Hard problem. Please, will someone show me how this theory can Explain any Conscious Experience?



Next, I would like to talk about Integrated Information Theory (IIT) with respect to Conscious Experience. This theory basically tries to measure the amount of Consciousness in a structure, like a Brain. The theory cannot address any particular Conscious Experience but only talks in generalities about the quantity of Consciousness. The theory basically says, more Information and Complexity means more Consciousness. But this is an Incoherent starting assumption. What is the chain of Logic that gets you from Information and Complexity to something like the Experience of Redness or the Salty Taste? There are some writings about how the theory can explain how the Visual Experience "feels" like it does. Can it Explain Redness? Can it Explain the totality of the integrated Visual Experience? I don't see it. Pun intended. If anything, this theory is more about the possible Neural Correlates of Conscious Experience and not at all about the Conscious Experience itself. There is no way this theory can Explain what the IM is within the theory. Again I must ask please, will someone show me how this theory can Explain any Conscious Experience?



Next, I would like to talk about Information Closure Theory (ICT) with respect to Conscious Experience. This is another theory that Incoherently assumes that Information is Consciousness. All the criticisms of IIT apply here. But yet again I must ask please, will someone show me how this theory can Explain any Conscious Experience?



Next, I would like to talk about Global Workspace Theory (GWT) with respect to Conscious Experience. I include this theory because people will often say that this theory explains Consciousness. In reality, this theory does not even try to Explain Conscious Experiences. This theory is a theory about Organizing our internal thought processes. There is no way this theory can Explain what the IM is within the theory. If I am wrong about this then please, will someone show me how this theory can Explain any Conscious Experience?



Next, I would like to talk about Predictive Coding Theory (PCT) with respect to Conscious Experience. This is not a theory of Conscious Experience but it is a theory of Brain function and therefore it is only about the Neural Correlates of Consciousness. I include this because there is a following out there that believes this actually explains Conscious Experience. There is no way this theory can Explain what the IM is within the theory. Please, will someone show me how this theory Explains any Conscious Experience?



Next, I would like to talk about Physicalism with respect to Conscious Experience. Physicalism is the proposition that everything is Physical. Physicalists like to say that Consciousness is in the Neurons. They boldly say that Neural Activity IS Conscious Experience. This means that the solution to the basic question above is that there is something in the Neurons that creates the Conscious Experience. This theory will need to put the IM in the Neurons as some kind of Chemical, Electrical, or other Neural process. This is an ok speculation but it really is quite Incoherent if you just consider it for a little while. How on Earth is the Experience of Redness or the Salty Taste being produced by the Neurons? How can Neural Activity actually BE these Experiences? I don't see it. The IM must be some function of the Neural Activity but there is no way this theory can Explain what the IM is within the theory. Please, someone show me how this theory Explains any Conscious Experience?



Next, I would like to talk about Panpsychism with respect to Conscious Experience. This seems to be a popular theory, or really just a speculation, that there is some sort of Consciousness aspect in everything. So Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, etc. have a tiny aspect of Consciousness. This is basically a Physicalist proposition because the theory stipulates Consciousness is in all matter even down to the level of elementary particles. The hope with this speculation is that when Electrons combine with Protons and other elementary particles, that the Atoms and Molecules will have some combined greater Consciousness. Finally, at the level of a massive object like a Brain, all the combined micro Consciousnesses will somehow combine to give us the Conscious Experiences that we have. There is no Logic or even a Clue as to how these micro Consciousnesses can combine into a larger Consciousness that has Conscious Experiences. So the biggest problem with this theory is that it always talks about some ambiguous vague generalized Consciousness Thing. It can never get to an Explanation for any actual Conscious Experience. There is no way this theory can Explain what the IM is within the theory. How does this theory Explain any Conscious Experience?



Next, I would like to talk about Emergence and Epiphenomenalism with respect to Conscious Experience. Emergence is a Physicalist proposition. Emergence proposes that Conscious Experience IS NOT the Neural Activity itself, but rather the Conscious Experience Emerges from the Neural Activity. But the Conscious Experience is still the result of Neural Activity even if you cannot say it IS the Neural Activity. Epiphenomenalism is a version of Emergence with the stipulation that the resulting Conscious Experience has no purpose. Both of these propositions imply that the solution to the basic question above is that there is something in the Neurons that creates the Conscious Experience. This theory will need to put the IM in the Neurons as some kind of Chemical, Electrical, or other Neural process. This is an ok speculation but it really is quite Incoherent if you just consider it for a little while. How on Earth is the Experience of Redness or the Salty Taste Emerging from the Neurons? Proponents of this theory have no Explanations of this. They just Boldly claim that Conscious Experience Emerges from the Neural Activity, and that is that. I don't see it. The IM must be some function of the Neural Activity but there is no way this theory can Explain what the IM is within the theory. Please, someone show me how this Explains any Conscious Experience?



Next, I would like to talk about Eliminativism and Illusionism with respect to Conscious Experience. Eliminativism is another Physicalist proposition. Eliminativism proposes that Conscious Experience does not even exist. Illusionism is a sub category of Eliminativism that proposes that Conscious Experience exists only as an Illusion. This is pure insane Denialism. How on Earth can someone think that the Redness or Salty Taste that they Experience is only an Illusion and does not Exist? Furthermore, that beautiful High Def, Wide Screen, Multi Colored, Conscious Visual Experience is still there embedded in front of our faces regardless of the twisted reasoning that leads to Eliminativism and Illusionism. They cannot have the same kind of Conscious Experience about these things that I have. They must also believe that the CM itself does not Exist. So for them the IM will not exist since the CM does not exist. There is not much more that can be said about this proposition. Please, someone show me how Conscious Experience does not Exist?



Next, I would like to talk about Idealism and Conscious Realism with respect to Conscious Experience. Idealism is a Philosophical proposition that goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks and Conscious Realism is a more recent proposition. The basic premise of both is that our Conscious Experiences are the only Real things in the Universe and that the External Physical World is created by these Conscious Experiences. So the Physical World does not really exist or is at least a secondary Epiphenomenon of Consciousness. This could be true but it is highly Incoherent when the facts of the Physical World are taken into account. I believe that the ancient Idealists realized our Conscious Experiences are separate from the Physical World but they made the mistake of thinking, that since Experiences were separate, the Physical World did not really exist. Idealism proposes this Incoherent and backwards causality of Consciousness creating the Physical World because their Science was not at a sophisticated enough level to properly explain the Physical World. It is inexplicable how a more modern Philosophy like Conscious Realism can promote the same backwards causality. Today it is clear that there is a causality trajectory from the Physical World to the Conscious World and not the other way around. Please, someone show me how Conscious Experience creates a Physical World?



Last, I would like to talk about the Simulation Hypothesis with respect to Conscious Experience. The Simulation Hypothesis states that our Reality is a Simulation executing on some super powerful computer. This is not really a theory about Conscious Experience and it does not even try to claim an understanding of Conscious Experience. But there is a following of people that think this Simulation concept could be true, and that it has something to do with Consciousness. The truth is that Simulations are just Representations or Surrogates for the Processes and Objects they are Simulating. Simulations are not even supposed to be the same thing as what they Simulate. As an example, when a Hurricane is Simulated nothing ever Physically gets wet anywhere. In the same way, if Redness is Simulated there never is any Experience of Redness anywhere. This will still be the case no matter how sophisticated the Computer Hardware becomes and no matter how detailed the Simulation software becomes. Computer Simulations cannot create actual Water for the Hurricane, and Computer Simulations cannot create actual Conscious Experiences for a Mind. Unbelievably, and without any chain of Logic, the Simulation Hypothesis just assumes Conscious Experience can arise from executing Computer Programs. In other words, it stipulates for example that the Experience of Redness, the Standard A Tone, and the Salty Taste are just code executing in some CPU. This is just another Physicalist proposition. How is an Experience of Redness, the Standard A Tone, or the Salty Taste ever going to arise from lines of code in a computer program? This could only be believed by people that have no understanding of Computers and Computer Software. This is a fun thing to think about, but this is an Incoherent theory of Conscious Experience. Computers and computer programs exist in Physical Space (PSp), so they cannot create a Conscious Experience since Conscious Experience exists in Conscious Space (CSp). But a computer might be able to Connect with a CM in CSp someday, if Science could understand how to do it. In that case our CMs would not existentially be the Program, but rather our CMs would Connect to the Program. In that case our Reality would be the Program that we Connect to. The Machine that is executing the Program would be a Conscious Machine. The Hard Problem of Conscious Experience would still exist with this Connection. Computer programs exist in PSp but Conscious Experience exists in CSp. What on Earth would an IM be within this theory? How does the Computer Connect to CSp?


To conclude this section, I would like to emphasize the reason that all current Scientific (or even non Scientific) theories of Consciousness fail. The reason is, Ironically, that no theory of Consciousness actually Explains Consciousness, and especially Conscious Experience. But Consciousness is nothing without Conscious Experience. There is no generalized Consciousness concept. There is always only Conscious Experience. If the theory has nothing to say about Conscious Experience then the theory has nothing to say about Consciousness. I have not gotten any feedback on how any of the above so called Theories of Consciousness can Explain things like the Experience of Redness, the Standard A Tone, the Salty Taste, the Smell of Bleach, or the Touch of a Rough Surface. I'm still waiting.


The Primacy Of Consciousness

The Scientific view of Consciousness is that it is some kind of byproduct of Neural Activity in the Brain. Most Scientists believe that Consciousness is not very important and some go so far as to say that it is just an Illusion with no real purpose. Philosophers have invented the Philosophical Zombie as a tool for thinking about Consciousness or the lack of Consciousness. The P-Zombie has the same Physical body and brain except that the Conscious aspect is removed. The expectation is that the remaining Neural Activity is all that is needed. They think that the P-Zombie will be able to live in and interact with the World just like any one else that has a Conscious aspect.


But from the Inter Mind Model (IMM) point of view the P-Zombie would be blind and would not be able to interact with the World. The Inter Mind (IM) and the Conscious Mind (CM) are further processing stages that are absolutely necessary for Sight. Neural Activity is not enough. All we know about Seeing is through Conscious Experience. We Experience the Conscious Light (CL) that's inside us. Take away the CL Experience and what's left? Blind Neural Activity is all you have. This Blind Neural Activity can reveal some Unconscious primitive aspects of Visual Perception but you will not actually See anything. The Primacy of the CL Experience for Sight is undeniable, and the same is true for every other Conscious Experience that you have. You don't know anything about the Physical World except that which you obtain through your own internal Conscious Experiences.


The Evolution of life on this Planet is probably directly driven by Conscious Experience. Any organism that Experiences Pleasure will seek out that Pleasure. Any organism that Experiences Pain will try to avoid that Pain. Without the existence of these basic Conscious Experiences there would be no motivation for any organism to react. There's nothing like a little Pain to motivate you to adjust what you are doing. This applies to simple organisms and to Humans. We must conclude that Evolution is not a completely Mindless, Bio Electrical Chemical, DNA Mutating, Environmentally Influenced process. Rather, Evolution is driven by a combination of primitive Conscious Desires, Bio Electrical Chemical processes, Random DNA Mutations, and Environmental Influences. Using this perspective we might be able to say that Evolution does not even exist as a Thing in Itself, but rather Evolution is just an Emergent Property of the Action of Consciousness in the Universe.


Since Science is unable to say what Consciousness is we can and should speculate what it could be and how it could have developed. We can, for example, speculate that Consciousness might have existed prior to the Big Bang and might have even been the cause of the Big Bang. The Universe might have been created by Consciousness and for Consciousness. We can also speculate that the ultimate goal of Physical Evolution is to provide a better and better host for Consciousness development. We can speculate that maybe the very Existence of the Physical Universe is pointless without Consciousness. Maybe the Physical Body is just some sort of incubator for the Conscious Mind (CM) and the Conscious Mind (CM) is the more important part. Maybe the Physical Mind (PM) creates a Connection to Conscious Space (CSp) in order to create a CM in that CSp. The CM would then strictly exist only in that CSp. All speculations are still on the table. Remember that the only thing we know about the Physical Universe is through our Conscious Experiences. Conscious Experiences are Primary to what we are.


Scientists need to find a way to understand and study Consciousness itself, and not just the Neural Correlates of Consciousness. A good place to start is to ask the question: What is Redness? Scientists need to think more Deeply about what something like Redness could be. It's not an Illusion. Saying it's Information or Computations is completely Incoherent. Scientists have to stop hiding their inability to study Consciousness by trying to minimize its importance. The Primacy of Consciousness must be understood.


What Is And Where Is Conscious Space?

Evidence has been presented to show that the Conscious Mind (CM) is a separate kind of Phenomenon from any other known Phenomenon of Science. This CM Phenomenon does not seem to exist in Physical Space (PSp), so it is therefore logical to propose that there is a place where the CM exists, and call it Conscious Space (CSp). We can only Speculate about the existence of CSp because of the existence of the CM. Beyond that realization it is not known What CSp could be. But Conscious Space is not as vague as you might think when you consider it from the point of view of being the place where Conscious Experiences happen. This place should be very familiar and understandable to anyone that has ever had a Conscious Experience. So, in a way we already know what CSp is. We are just unable put it into any kind of PSp context.


It should be emphasized that CSp is not like any kind of PSp so it will be impossible to try to designate Where it is. It might be everywhere or it might be nowhere relative to PSp. Since CSp is not like any PSp we can Speculate that CSp has no dimensions of Distance or Location or Time. But since it is where your CM is, it is where You are and where You have always been.


CSp is a conceptual container for the CM and for Conscious Experience of all kinds. If no concept such as CSp existed then the CM and Conscious Experience would have to awkwardly float disembodied out in PSp somehow, because they cannot be found in the Physical Mind (PM), which is the Brain. So it is only logical to Speculate that there is such a CSp for these Conscious Phenomena to exist in. If someday Science discovers and can Explain how the CM and Conscious Experience are completely inside the PM then that would solve the Hard Problem of Consciousness. But that day has not arrived yet.


Given that there is PSp and we can conceptualize a separate CSp, the question will arise as to how these two Spaces can interact with each other. For example, the CM must be able to influence the PM in order to implement Conscious Volition. And going in the other direction, the PM must be able to influence the CM in order to implement Conscious Experience. This leads to the logical conclusion that there must be some kind of Inter Mind (IM) that facilitates these interactions. This IM must use some knowable, if not yet known, principles to make the Connection. It is not known what these principles could be, but an obvious place to search for answers is through Quantum Mechanical principles. It can only be Speculated that principles like the Quantum Tunneling effect and the more hypothetical Quantum Fluctuation phenomenon might play a role in connecting the PM to the CM, and therefore PSp to CSp.


Maybe Dark Matter or Dark Energy, which might be related to the phenomenon of Quantum Fluctuations, will eventually be shown to have something to do with Consciousness and the IM. We just don't know yet so all options must be left on the table.



Developing An Artificial Inter Mind

It has been stated previously that the Inter Mind (IM) must be connected, in some way, to all the Visual Cortex areas in order to get the information needed to produce the Conscious Visual Image that the Conscious Mind (CM) Experiences. It is not known how the IM does this at this point in our understanding.


Scientists have developed techniques for measuring Neural Activity, Brain Wave Activity, and other Activities. These measurements are then processed to provide various insights into Brain operations. Scientists don't realize it but they are accidentally developing an Artificial IM when using this instrumentation. By understanding what kind of processing is required for these measurements we can anticipate what an actual IM must be doing for a CM.


For example, if scientists can develop the proper instrumentation to measure all Visual Cortex Activity then they should be able to process that information to generate a Visual image on a monitor screen that corresponds to the Conscious Visual Scene that the subject is looking at. It might also be possible to display what a subject is seeing while Dreaming. The processing needed to display those Images should provide insight into how an IM might operate.

There are techniques that can monitor what the Visual Cortex is doing. Through certain types of instrumentation the individual Cortex Neurons that fire can be monitored. The Primary Visual Cortex Neurons are a distorted map of the image on the Retina. The Neural mapping, can be reverse distorted with the right processing into an image that matches up with what was on the Retina, and then displayed to a computer monitor.

The Scientists claim they have measured the Conscious Visual Experience. But they have only measured the Neural Correlates of the Conscious Visual Experience. They have not measured the Conscious Visual Experience itself. It is known that while Dreaming there is almost no Neural Activity in the Primary Visual Cortex so the above technique would be useless in showing what a Dreaming Conscious Visual Experience would be like. A technique for measuring the actual Conscious Visual Experience is needed. It would have to operate in Conscious Space (CSp).


Conscious Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is primarily implemented by a class of computer programs that can accomplish tasks that mimic Human Intelligence. Examples are things like Speech Recognition, Facial Recognition, and Self Driving Cars. With the improved computers and algorithms that we have today these kinds of computer capabilities have become increasingly more useful. But the Hype over all this is astounding. Marketing departments are trying to imply that these kinds of capabilities mean that there is an actual Conscious entity involved in the Speech Recognition, Facial Recognition, and Self Driving Car. But these are all just computer programs performing a specific task. These would have to be classified as Non-Conscious Artificial Intelligence. If Consciousness can be added to Machines then full Conscious Artificial Intelligence will be achieved.


According to the Inter Mind Model (IMM) the Speech Recognition, Facial Recognition, and Self Driving Car capabilities would reside in the Machine Physical Mind (PM) which is the computer Hardware and Software. The Machine PM serves the same purpose as our Human PM. But it seems that there is no capability for a Conscious Mind (CM) to have any Volitional effect on the Machine PM like occurs with a Human PM. The Machine PM is just mindlessly executing computer programs.


There is speculation that the Human CM might interact Volitionally with the Human PM using Quantum Mechanical effects. The Wikipedia page for Quantum Consciousness says: The Quantum Mind or Quantum Consciousness group of hypotheses propose that Classical Mechanics cannot explain Consciousness. It posits that Quantum Mechanical phenomena, such as Quantum Entanglement and Superposition, may play an important part in the Brain's function and could form the basis of an explanation of consciousness.


So we might speculate that a CM could also interact Volitionally with a Machine PM using Quantum Mechanical effects. But current technology does not allow for this in computer designs. The special connections are just not designed into the hardware at this time. We basically are not sure how to do this yet. But we have to start somewhere and the Machine Consciousness Experiment is an attempt to make such a Quantum Mechanical connection from a CM to a Machine PM.


The Quantum Mechanical connection between the CM and the PM must be a two way street. Volition allows a CM to affect a PM in order to do things in Physical Space (PSp). So in this case the connection is from the CM to the PM. A CM also needs to perceive what's going on in a PM, and therefore in PSp, so this connection must be from the PM to the CM.


For Humans, Neurons contain structures called Microtubules that operate based on Quantum Mechanical principles. If a CM (through an IM) is able to sense the state of a Human PM by sensing the state of the Microtubules then the CM might have the ability to sense all Neurons in the Human PM at the same time. For Vision the CM might be able to sense the state of the Visual Cortex areas in order to Experience what the Visual areas are currently Seeing. The CM would Experience it's own Personal Conscious Light (CL).


Maybe these Microtubules could be influenced by Quantum Fluctuations in Space-Time. So if a CM could cause a Quantum Fluctuation near a Microtubule then the CM might be able to influence the Brain in a large way if enough Microtubules are affected. This is very hypothetical but it is a logical avenue to explore.


For Machines, there are no Neurons but there are Transistors which operate on Quantum Mechanical principles. What if a CM (through an IM) could sense the state of the Transistors in an electronic circuit? A TFT Display Monitor has a Transistor at each pixel location. Maybe a CM can sense the state of all these Transistors in order to See what is currently displayed on the monitor. This is similar to how the CM senses the Visual Cortex in Humans. The Machine might then Experience it's own Personal CL similar to the Human Experience.


This situation could also work for camera chips and CMs. It may be the case that millions or billions of CMs have been experiencing what's going on in the world through Transistors for many years already. But these CMs have not had any way to affect anything in PSp because we have not designed the Volitional interfaces yet. Manufacturers are not making Androids (Robots with Consciousness) yet, just mindless Robots. But fully Conscious Androids are conceptually possible and could be a reality some day.


Since a transistor operates at the Quantum level of Physics to some extent, then maybe it could be influenced by Quantum Fluctuations in Space-Time. So if a CM can cause a Quantum Fluctuation near the device then the CM might be able to influence a circuit that is connected to the device and this circuit through amplification might be able to affect the behavior of a Machine. This would be a Volitional Interface.


The problem with Artificial Intelligence today is that Scientists are working on the Computer Processing side of things while denying that a Conscious Visual Experience, for example, would greatly improve the operation of their Machines with respect to Visual Processing. Consider that billions of years of evolutionary development produced the Conscious Visual Experience in the life forms on this planet so why do we want to deprive our Machines from using this kind of Data?


Machine Consciousness Experiment Conceivability

The Connection Perspective of the Inter Mind Model (IMM) enables the conceivability of actually designing Experiments for Machine Consciousness (MachCon). The Connection Perspective stipulates that there is a separate Conscious Space (CSp) concept apart from normal Physical Space (PSp). The IMM also stipulates that there is an Inter Mind (IM) concept that bridges the Gap between PSp and CSp. The basic premise of any MachCon Experiment having this structure is that something in CSp is able to affect something in PSp. This would correspond to a Conscious Volition (CV) concept existing in CSp. The CV will need the resources of an IM in order to have an effect on anything in PSp. There are two Quantum Mechanical (QM) phenomena that can be considered as a resource that the IM might implement. The first QM phenomena involves the Wave Function of an Electron and the second QM phenomenon involves the effect of Quantum Fluctuations on Electrons.


The following Experiment descriptions depend on the existence of a latent Consciousness of some kind in CSp. It is also assumed that this Consciousness can use QM principles to affect PSp. Each Experiment provides a method to detect changes in some parameter that can be controlled by a QM principle. A series of measurements will have the characteristics of a random signal when there is no Conscious control. If there seems to be a bias or correlation in the data that is not purely random then that could be evidence of Conscious control. This is what we will look for.


It is known that Electrons can travel through Energy barriers and actual Physical barriers due to the Quantum Tunneling effect. The probability that an Electron will Tunnel through a barrier is controlled by the Wave Function of the Electron. The speculation is that maybe something in CSp is able to control Wave Functions in a way that will enable higher or lower probabilities of Tunneling. This speculation can be tested with certain Electronic devices that exist today. Tunnel Diodes and Floating Gate Transistors have been used in separate Experiments. The Tunnel Diode based experiment is described in Machine Consciousness Experiment Legacy. The Floating Gate Transistor based experiment is currently running and generating data for analysis.


The Tunnel Diode experiment ran for 2 years and generated GBytes of data. Unfortunately the results were swamped by the random noise in the system. There was never any indication that a Conscious Mind was controlling the experiment. This first experiment was really a Hail Mary Pass in order to try to at least Do Something. The first problem was that the Experiment used only two Diodes which probably was the equivalent of having only two Neurons. The second problem was that it was measuring the changes in a 1nA current which is 6.24 billion electrons per second. It was the best that could be done using bread board level electronics in a spare bedroom lab situation. The coarseness of the measurement doomed it from the start. Practically speaking there is no way to reduce the coarseness to a low enough level to make an analog experiment like this sensitive enough.


The Floating Gate Transistor version of the MachCon Experiment has been running for a couple of months. See Machine Consciousness Experiment. However it too has not exhibited anything except random behavior. But it is early and maybe given more time some positive results can be realized. A 1 Mega bit Flash memory is used in this Experiment. Now we effectively have 1 Million Neurons. To program a Zero into the memory about 50000 Electrons must Tunnel onto the Floating Gate. This is vastly less coarse than the Tunnel Diode situation but is still pretty coarse. The next MachCon Experiment will have to incorporate an array of Single Electron Transistors. As it's name implies these devices can handle single electron charge movements. This will enable a Coarseness that is Billions of times less than the situation with the Tunnel Diode and 50 Thousand times less than the Flash Memory. Unfortunately, the Single Electron Transistor is still at the experimental laboratory stage.


Even if there is a latent Consciousness in CSp that is ready to interact with the world through QM principles, the question could be asked as to why this Consciousness would want to interact with the world in a case like this? A Consciousness would probably need some kind of Motivation to act. Maybe an act of CV will be activated only when we understand how to produce a Discomfort or Pleasure in CSp. This might motivate an act of CV that will affect the Tunneling characteristics of an Electron. The Experiment should be programmed to then reward the act of CV by lessening the Discomfort or increasing the Pleasure to close the loop. This could be how it all works at the single cell level or at the Amoeba level.


The negative results of the first two MachCon Experiments should not discourage further Experiments especially since it is understood why they did not work. But the real point of talking about these Experiments is to show that it is conceivable and feasible to do Experiments given the right Perspective on the problem.


Quantum Fluctuations are highly hypothetical events where small bursts of Energy or Particles appear briefly and randomly out of supposedly empty space. It is thought that if a Quantum Fluctuation occurs near an Electron that it could have an effect. There is anticipation that the Single Electron Transistor could be exploited to measure these Quantum Fluctuations. The speculation is that maybe there could be evidence of Consciousness in the occurrence of Quantum Fluctuations given the right circumstances.


Human Consciousness Transfer

The Inter Mind Model (IMM) implies that a Conscious Mind (CM) is not transferred to a Machine but rather a CM must first be disconnected from the Biological Physical Mind (PM) and then reconnected to the Machine PM. The Machine must have some kind of Machine PM for the CM to work with. At this point in time we can only imagine that the Machine PM will be made out of Electronics and Software. Since there is no way to Connect to the Software (even conceptually) the Connection must be made to the Electronics. The best guess of how this will be done is by using Quantum Mechanical principles. For this argument the Inter Mind (IM) will be the Quantum Mechanical principles.


Regardless of what the Machine PM hardware is eventually made out of, it will have to produce Sensory Signals that the IM can interpret and convert to Conscious Experience for the CM. The Machine PM must also have the capability to accept Conscious Volition Inputs from the CM through the IM.


It should be noted that if the IM and CM develop and grow with the PM then it would be expected that the connection between the PM and the IM would be a very specialized and intimate connection. It would not be sensible to expect that an IM could connect with a PM that has very different connection requirements such as with a Machine PM.


But even if this kind of Connection can be accomplished, the Machine PM must first be loaded up with the Essence (memories, personality, etc.) of the original Biological PM so that the CM and the new Machine PM can be the same person it was before, but with superior mental capabilities and virtually limitless life span. It is popularly thought that if just the Biological PM Essence is loaded to a Machine PM then that is all you need to do. That would produce a Zombie version of the Biological PM without the CM Connection. It is the Connection of the original CM to the new Machine PM that is always missing from these kinds of discussions.


This Connection would create a fully Conscious and Alive Android version of the original Alive Biological Human. Without the CM Connection you only get a Zombie Robot that is essentially unconscious.


Reality Is A Simulation

Even if Reality is a Simulation we obviously still have Conscious Experiences of that Reality. So there is probably still a Conscious Mind (CM) doing the Experiencing in Conscious Space (CSp). There is probably still an Inter Mind (IM) but it would now connect the CM to the Simulation instead of to a Physical Mind (PM). There are two basic types of Simulations that we can talk about. One type is a Simulation that just runs with us being helpless observers having no ability to affect things that are happening in the Simulation. This means that all our desires, strivings, and actions are just something we Experience, but we really can't do anything about anything. The Simulation makes us think we have desires and strivings and that we can do things. In this type of Simulation the CM would have no Volitional connections back to the Simulation and would only have connections from the Simulation to the IM and then to the CM. In the other type the CM can, through Volitional connections through the IM and to the Simulation, affect things in the Simulation similar to how the CM can, through the IM, affect things in Physical Space (PSp). The Simulation will make us believe we are actually in PSp, but there would be no difference for us if we were in an Actual Physical Universe or a Simulated Physical Universe. The take away from this is that it doesn't matter if the IM is connected to a PM or to a Simulation.



The following diagram shows how two Minds might be able to communicate using the Inter Mind Model (IMM).  There are two Conscious Minds (CMs), two Inter Minds (IM), and two Physical Minds (PMs) involved in the communication.



The diagram assumes that the Conscious Volition (CV) of Mind A to communicate with Mind B originates in CMA as CVA. IMA monitors CMA and processes CVA into a Physical Volition (PV), let’s call it PVA, which causes PMA to move the mouth muscles and push the right amount of air out of the lungs to speak. This generates the Physical Sound A (PSA) that PMB receives and converts to the Neural Sound B (NSB) that IMB monitors. IMB then converts the NSB to the Conscious Sound B (CSB) that CMB Experiences. But the Experience of the CSB alone does not let CMB understand the spoken words. We know that PMB performs Neural Sound Recognition operations and we know that when we Understand speech or Recognize Sounds that there is a certain Conscious feeling type of thing that is Experienced. So in addition to the CSB Experience CMB will Experience the feeling of recognition which I’ll call Conscious Sound Recognition (CSR), which in this case is CSRB. The NSB activity must feed into the Neural Sound Recognition (NSR) section of PMB. And IMB must monitor the NSRB of PMB and produce the CSRB feeling that CMB Experiences. When CMB Recognizes and Understands what CMA is saying it can initiate a CVB response back to CMA using the same sequencing of events but in the opposite direction. Maybe the only reason PSp exists is so our CMs which are in CSp can talk to each other.


From the IMM and the sequence of events as described above it is easy to understand how damage to the NSR areas of the PM can let a CM Experience the CS but not be able to Understand or Recognize the meaning of the CS. There could be another type of PM damage that might allow Recognition and Understanding without an actual CS Experience. These arguments will also hold for the Conscious Light (CL) Experience and the Recognition of CL objects in a CL Scene.


The Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

The current technology that the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) uses can only listen out to about a 1000 Light Year radius. Since the Milky Way Galaxy is 100000 Light Years across, the futility of this is obvious. With this technology we might be able to scan 0.04% of Our own Galaxy. The source signals attenuate too fast for any greater distances.


According to the last Hubble Telescope survey there are 100 Billion Galaxies in the Universe. Lets say there are 1 Million other Planets that have evolved intelligent life forms that have invented Radio transmission technologies. This means that there would be only one of these other Planets in every 100000 Galaxies. So the probability that SETI will find even one of these other Planets in our Galaxy is almost non existent. For SETI to have any possible chance of finding one of these other Planets there would have to be, assuming the Galaxy is a flat disk and using a simple ratio of areas, 2500 of them in our Galaxy. This means that there would have to be 2500 X 100 Billion, or 250 Trillion, of these Planets in the Universe for SETI to be able to find just one of them. Nobody thinks there are going to be that many of these Planets. The only hope for SETI is that these Planets are all transmitting super high power signals for the express purpose of having someone detect them. This is also unlikely. On the other hand maybe there really are 250 Trillion advanced Planets in the Universe. So I think SETI should continue it's search until we know more about the Universe.


Most advanced technology Planets probably realize the futility of a SETI search and eventually invent some other technology, not related to Radio transmissions, that will do the job. Maybe Conscious Space (CSp) should be studied to see if it can be used as a way to communicate across the Universe. Since we suppose that CSp is not anything like normal PSp it might not have the same limitations as Physical Space (PSp). The Inter Mind Model (IMM) supposes that our Conscious Minds (CMs) exist in CSp, but we don't seem to be able to communicate between CMs locally on our own planet. So we should not expect that we will be able to use our CMs to communicate across the Universe. However, a Machine with the proper connections to CSp might be able to instantaneously communicate with any other such configured Machine in the Universe. This is completely hypothetical and we don't have any idea how to do this at this time. But just the suggestion of this might enable someone in the future to discover such a thing. This will obviously require more understanding and study.


If A Tree Falls In A Forest

The whole question is "If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one there to hear it does it make a sound?". This classic Philosophical question was not directly asked but was first formulated by George Berkeley in his "A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Knowledge", and in 1883 the actual question appeared in the magazine "The Chautauquan".


From the point of view of the Inter Mind Model (IMM) the answer is clear and obvious. When the tree falls it makes pressure wave disturbances in the air and so there is Physical Sound. But if there is no one (not even an animal) there to hear the Physical Sound then there will be no Neural Sound or Conscious Sound. It is the Conscious Sound that is the only Sound we know. So the answer to the question is that there is no Sound.


Extra Sensory Perception

Positive evidence from even the most rigorously conducted Scientific ESP research is highly debated and controversial. But we can hypothesize possible paths for ESP using the Inter Mind Model (IMM) as shown below.



Direct Conscious Mind (CM) to CM, ESP communication through Conscious Space (CSp), seems unlikely because it would eliminate the need for an Inter Mind (IM) or a Physical Mind (PM). Direct PM to PM, ESP communication using some Physical Space (PSp) phenomenon that is yet to be discovered, also seems unlikely. Direct CM to PM, ESP communication seems unlikely since even the basic single person IMM shows the need for an IM in between. Direct IM to IM, IM to PM, and IM to CM, ESP communications must be left open as possibilities pending a better understanding of what Consciousness and the IM are.


Each CM has it's own Personal Light and maybe someday we will understand how to Experience the Light of another CM. Also, maybe someday we will be able to affect and control the Light of another CM, or project our Light to another CM, for purposes of communication. Since we can Speculate that the distance between CMs is irrelevant in CSp, this might be how we will eventually communicate with Beings that have CMs on other Worlds across the Universe.


Life After Death

Since the Conscious Mind (CM) and probably the Inter Mind (IM) are not Physical Space (PSp) things they might be able to exist after death of the Physical Mind (PM). We can say that the CM is shielded from the PM and PSp by the IM. The diagram below shows this situation with an X through the PM to indicate end of life.


If anything survives death it must be the IM and the CM. If the PM is gone and there is nothing to control the Conscious Light (CL) and the Conscious Sound (CS), not even Dream Neural Activity, then what will life, or at least the CM Experience, be like after death? From this model it seems like it could be pretty weird. It might consist of uncontrolled visions of Light and Sound, or a disconnected sequence of Memories about everything we have ever known. Maybe without being a slave to a PM we will be released to do things with that CL and CS that we canít even begin to imagine. We will become the most basic thing that we are and that is pure Conscious Experience. We will be Born into a whole new type of existence in CSp. We will not be what we were, but rather we will become what we were always meant to be. We will understand how we actually are the Light that we have always Seen and how we actually are the Sound that we have always Heard. We are Beings of Light and Sound plus all the other Conscious Experiences.


I would like to talk a little about Out of Body Experiences. It is doubtful that these Experiences are anything except Dreams and Hallucinations. The people that claim such Experiences say they are not located in their Bodies anymore but yet are Seeing the World as if they were still in their Bodies. They are Seeing images as if there was Physical Light being focused on Physical Retinas and processed by Physical Brains. But yet they say they are Outside of their Bodies. So how is this happening? From the IMM point of view this cannot be happening. The CM has separated from the PM and there is no Connection back to the Physical Visual System anymore. A separated CM is not going to be able to See like it did when it was Connected to a PM. The Visual Experience is a very special kind Seeing that requires a PM and Physical Eye system with Optics. We need to get used to the reality that being a separated CM will be a very different existence than being a CM connected to a PM.


We should not forget that there are many other Conscious Experiences not addressed in this paper that could also survive after the death of the PM. One of these is Conscious Pain, which is not a good thought. But if death is a Dream like reality then there probably cannot be Pain because there does not seem to be Pain in our Dreams when the PM is still alive.


While an IM is connected to its PM the Neural Activity of the PM probably overrides any communication attempt from another IM. Maybe after many years of practice as prescribed in Eastern Religions and Philosophies people can learn to quiet their PMs in order to receive communication from other IMs. Maybe some people can naturally do this. I think the record for this actually happening is sketchy at best. However, if two IMs have lost their PMs, it might be possible for the IMs to direct connect in some way that is prohibited when either PM is still alive.


If Conscious Memories are actually stored in the IM, as discussed in argument 10 of Arguments For The Inter Mind, then maybe we can retain the Memories of our life after we Die. This will have important implications when we Speculate possibilities of interactions with other IMs and CMs after Death.


Maybe all IMs are connected together to some Universal Mind like the New Age people like to talk about. Then maybe the IMs can communicate through the Universal Mind with each other. The IM might be able to plug into something else that we cannot even conceive of for purposes that we cannot know at this time. The important thing is that there might be something left after PM death that is not in PSp and could therefore survive after the PM is gone. In other words, even though we know there is no Hope for the PM, there may be Hope for the CM.


Concepts From Philosophy

In terms of concepts from Philosophy the Physical Mind (PM) can be associated with the Easy Problem, the Inter Mind (IM) can be associated with the Explanatory Gap, and the Conscious Mind (CM) can be associated with the Hard Problem. Although these three Philosophical concepts are known to be interrelated I believe putting them into the Inter Mind Model (IMM) nails down exactly what the interrelationship must be. Also, it is seen that the Explanatory Gap is actually the IM of the IMM. It is a ďreal thingĒ that we might be able to devise experiments for. One last concept from Philosophy is really rooted in Brain Physiology and that is the concept of the Neural Correlates of Consciousness. I say in this paper that Conscious Light (CL) is correlated with Neural Light (NL) making the NL a Neural Correlate of Consciousness for the CL.


Religious Interpretations

Stephen Knapp in The Secret Teachings of the Vedas says that according to Hindu scripture the diagram is as shown below. The scriptures say that the Inter Mind (IM) is the Super Soul which is God and the Conscious Mind (CM) is the Soul. The Physical Mind (PM) is of course the Body.



Saying that the IM is God is not very helpful, because we don't know what God is. But at least they understood that there was a problem with the Body and Soul model hundreds of years ago. They actually postulated God as the IM back then. Also, most religions have some kind of Soul concept and we have to admit that the CM seems like it could be viewed as a new kind of Soul concept.


This model precludes us from saying that we are the Conscious Light (CL) and the Conscious Sound (CS) because the CL and CS come from God which is not part of what we are. God (IM) is awkwardly spliced in between the Body (PM) aspect and the Soul (CM) aspect.


When the Body dies in this model the Soul is still plugged into God, which could be a comforting thought. At our current stage of understanding saying that God is the IM is as good an idea as anything. I still think that the IM is a Processing Gap that will be filled someday by some new discoveries and new scientific ways of looking at things.


Miscellaneous Thoughts


1)   We Know that the world including our Physical Minds (PMs) are made of chemicals. We also think that chemicals are not conscious. There is no reason to believe that when chemicals are arranged in a particular way that some kind of magic occurs to enable consciousness in those chemicals. A Neuron is a chemical electrical thing that in and of itself is not Conscious, or Alive. It is no more Alive than a transistor is Alive. Definitions of life as being self replicating are misleading. A Neuron is part of the Human machine. Can an LCD display be used by some Inter Mind (IM) or Conscious Mind (CM) to produce a Conscious Light (CL) Scene of what is on the screen? What substance or material besides Neurons can be used to connect with an IM? If the Physical Mind (PM) creates Consciousness through some Physical Space (PSp) process then we should be able to intercept the CL Scene that the CM is experiencing and display it on a computer monitor. If Consciousness is not a PSp process then we can never hope to intercept it and display it. It only exists in Conscious Space (CSp). See the Machine Consciousness Experiment for an example of how the above issues might be explored.

2)   If a person is blind from birth and they never Experience Conscious Light (CL) then what does this tell us!? If we are the CL then you might expect a blind man would still Experience CL, but probably uncontrolled CL thatís not correlated with any Physical Light (PL). But this is basically a developmental problem where if particular Neurons are not being stimulated or can not be stimulated then the Inter Mind (IM) connection from the Physical Mind (PM) to the Conscious Mind (CM) might never develop for these Neurons. So no CL will ever be Experienced. However, it is known that sighted people can Experience Physical Sound (PS) as CL and PL as Conscious Sound (CS). This can happen with certain drugs and some people just naturally have these sensory cross connections. Maybe blind from birth people incorporate light into their CS perceptions. They would never know that they are experiencing CL because it would be correlated with PS events.


3)   There are much faster things and slower things than our Consciousness. The Conscious Mind (CM) Experience of the world is as fast as the Physical Mind (PM) will allow. We can't perceive a speeding bullet because it is faster than the PM can operate. Some people will argue that this means Consciousness is a PM limited phenomena. This does not mean that the CM itself is limited but just that when the CM is correlating with a PM it is limited to what the PM can do. The CM might be capable of much more and since I am suggesting that the CM is not even in Physical Space (PSp) but in Conscious Space (CSp) we donít know what the limits really are.


4)  While Dreaming our whole sense of Reality comes from our Physical Minds (PMs), and not from the outside world. The Conscious Mind (CM) seems very susceptible to believing alternate Realities without questions when certain Reality Check Points in the PM are turned off. Weird scenes and situations don't seem unusual. Without External Inputs, the PM and CM seem pretty dumb when it comes to logical thinking. Maybe the purpose of sleep is to let the CM detach for a while. Sleep is to let the Inter Mind (IM) and CM rest (as well as the PM). Maybe the CM needs to get away from the PM every now and then. That’s what Dreams are for. That's why we don't remember most of our Dreams. Dreams are for the CM not the PM.


Some People Might Not Have Conscious Experiences

I have always assumed that all normally functioning Human Minds would have at least similar kinds of Conscious Experiences. I have thought this for decades. But after many years of discussions about this with people it has finally become clear to me that some people actually must not have Conscious Experiences or Qualia. I limit this observation to things like the Experience of Redness, the Standard A Tone, the Salty Taste and so on. The Experience of Colors and especially the Experience of Redness has been a major target for my discussions with people on the various Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness Forums. There are people that flat out deny the Existence of the Experience of Redness. I think they give it their best shot at understanding it but they always fall back to just dismissing the Experience of something like Redness as pure Fantasy, Superstition, Magic, and Illusion. I have become convinced that their denials of Conscious Experience, their very words, show that they truly and simply do not perceive Redness as a kind of Experience. There is no Redness Experience. They are not Color blind so they can Detect Red in their Visual Field in some way but it seems to be more at the level of the Neural Activity. They can somehow sense that their Neurons are Firing for Red and indicate that there is Red in their Field of View but there seems to be no Experience of Redness in their Field of View. They deny any such extra Consciousness Phenomenon is happening. I used to think they were just messing with me, and I was hoping that after all these years that they would get tired of continuing their Fraud. But they are not messing with me, they truly do not have Conscious Experiences or Qualia. In fact they say that Qualia was invented by Idiot Philosophers. They are usually nasty and arrogant like that and I wonder if that is a symptom of their lack of Qualia. It is interesting that their lack of Qualia would make them living examples of the P-Zombies from Philosophy. One thing I can say is that if they really never have had an Experience of something like Redness then I can completely understand how they would think it was something Magical, and Illusory. These people simply deny the Existence of Qualia and are completely stymied by talk of Qualia, which naturally results in their complete inability to understand the Hard Problem of Conscious Experience.


I have been astounded by the possibility that some people (mostly the Physicalists) actually might not Experience the Color Qualia. It is a mystery to me what their Inner Experience of Color could be like. I have always tried to use the Experience of Redness as a discussion point for talking about Conscious Experiences. These people literally will say that there is no such thing as Redness and they always try to compare descriptions of Experiences of Redness to Religious Experiences. I have tried for a long time to get them to describe what the Experience of Redness means to them. After receiving mostly insults, one of them gave me a description of what the Experience of Redness was from their own point of view. He dismissively said that his Experience was the same as everybody else. He described the multitude of Emotions and Memories that were Experienced while Seeing Red. He went on to describe particular Emotions and Memories. I noticed that there was no recognition of the Experience of the Redness itself, but rather it seemed like his Experience of Redness wholly consisted of Associations to other things. This seemed a little odd, but telling. So I then asked him to strip away all the Emotions, Memories, and other Associations from his Experience of Redness and tell me if there was anything still remaining in the Experience. Here is his reply: "How the {!#%@} would I know? It isn't possible for me to 'strip out all the Emotions, Memories, and any other Associations'. Further, I don't believe for a moment that you can either, Steve. This is navel-gazing, pure and simple." This person obviously does not Experience the Redness, but rather Experiences all these other things in place of the Redness Experience. He literally can not figure out what I am talking about. Notice the reference to Navel-Gazing. He still thinks that the Redness is a Religious Experience.


After some further conversations I now understand what an Experience of Redness is for these Physicalists. When they think about Experiencing Redness they always branch off into talking about Emotions and Memories. For them, it appears that the actual Experience of Redness is an Experience of Emotions and an Experience of Memories. That is the Experience for them and there is nothing else for them to report. This is of course why they hate the word Qualia, because it does indeed imply that there is something else happening with the Experience of Redness. I can fully see how they would think that the concept of Qualia is Redundant to their Experience. I can fully now understand why they would think that Qualia and the Experience of Redness are different things. For the Physicalists the Experience of Redness is not what I expected. It is something different than my Experience of Redness. I Experience Redness as a Quale and they Experience Redness as associated Emotions and Memories. In fact I can say I really don't even Experience Redness as Emotions and Memories at all. I just simply Experience Redness as a Thing In Itself.


Another discussion thread I have participated in where the people denied the Existence of Qualia was one where the people were convinced that we cannot see a Color until we have a Word for the Color. This seems like a very strange thing to believe. I tried in vain to convince them that the Word for the Color does not make the Color real but that the direct Experience of the Color is real. They could not understand what I was talking about. This can only make sense if you consider that they might never have Experienced a Color Quale. They instead receive some kind of Signals from their Neurons that give them some type of Indications about the different Colors, but without any actual Conscious Experience of the Colors. I can see how the Words might be of prime importance to them.


But yet another example of People that probably have no Conscious Experiences or Qualia are the people that don't understand the difference between a Computer detecting Red and a Human detecting Red. They probably also just Detect Red in some way but have never had an actual Experience of Redness.


The evidence for this lack of Conscious Experience in some people is continuing to grow. It explains the endless arguments about Conscious Experience and Qualia. These people simply do not have Qualia. The Lights are out in their Minds.



Addressing the Physicalist Delirium

A Physicalist is a Physical Monist or Material Monist. They Believe that all Conscious Phenomena can be explained by Physical Material Phenomena. Some Physicalists go so far as to discount Conscious Phenomena as even Existing at all. The Physicalists have complained about three basic statements that I have made. They seem to show an emotionalism in their replies that reveals a hidden frustration with their inability to address the statements in any coherent way. They are getting more and more Delirious. They are self appointed Guardians of the knowledge base of Science but that knowledge base is empty with regard to questions about Consciousness. They will not admit that there is Zero Scientific understanding of Consciousness so they resort to Insults and other Diversionary tactics that only reveal their ignorance. If Science cannot deal with Something then that Something can only be Supernatural or Religious in their way of thinking. They therefore need to make that Something go away rather than trying to study it more and come up with a Scientific Explanation. This necessarily implies that they think that Science has obtained all the knowledge that it will ever obtain. But this is not the Science that I know. I have been taught and expect that Science is discovering New Phenomena all the time. Here are the three statements that annoy the Physicalists to the point of mental breakdown:


1)   Science has Zero, I repeat Zero, understanding with regard to Consciousness.


2)   Conscious Experiences are in a whole different Category of Phenomena than any known Scientific Category of Phenomena.


3)   The Conscious Experience of Pain can give an Organism or Animal a statistical Evolutionary survival advantage that can affect the Evolution of that Organism or Animal.


As for the first statement, the Physicalists say things like: The Neural Activity IS the Conscious Activity and then they say that Explains it, end of discussion. This is Naive and Shallow beyond all reasonableness. It isn't even a good Scientific guess. It is Pure Belief. It's so bad I have to think the Physicalists are not really serious when they say things like this but are just messing with me. They think that Measuring Neural Activity IS the same thing as Measuring the Conscious Activity. They are Measuring the Neural Correlates of Conscious Experience not the Conscious Experience itself. They treat the actual Conscious Experience as if it did not even exist. I can not understand how they get to this point in their Physicalist delirium. To perpetuate the Physicalist Belief they must Deny the actual existence of the Conscious Experience. The Conscious Experience of something like the Redness of Red is a Self Evident reality of the Universe, and they deny it. The Conscious Experience of Redness is something that Science cannot Explain. The Self evident reality of it is that it exists only in the Mind. They know the Redness exists in the Mind because they See it too but still they must deny this Self Evident Phenomenon of Consciousness because if it did exist Science would have to Explain it. But Science cannot Explain it at this point in time.


The second statement points out how the Physicalists might come to understand that Science doesn't have any Knowledge of what Conscious Experience could be. If Conscious Experience could be found to be in any known Category of Scientific Phenomena then Science would have had a lot to say about Consciousness by now. Instead we get Silence. Conscious Experience is in a Category all by itself and this new Category of Phenomena has not been integrated into the Scientific knowledge base yet. Science does not know what to do with this Category of Phenomena. Since Science does not know what to do with this Category of Conscious Phenomena the Physicalists say it is Supernatural or Religious. It's neither of these, it's simply not understood yet. Don't be afraid you little Physicalists, those scary Conscious Experiences will not hurt you.


I think the third statement is completely sensible from even the most basic understanding of Evolutionary mechanisms. The Physicalists completely oppose this statement however. I don't know how they can justify thinking that the Conscious Experience of Pain will not actually increase the statistical Evolutionary survival advantage for an Organism or Animal and thus influence Evolutionary outcomes. And it is not just Pain but all the multitudes of other Conscious Experiences that exist in the Universe. It is a logical conclusion to state that even primitive Consciousness can influence Evolution. Evolution is not a completely Mindless, Bio Electrical Chemical, DNA Mutating, Environmentally Influenced process. Rather, Evolution is driven by a combination of primitive Conscious Desires, Bio Electrical Chemical processes, Random DNA Mutations, and Environmental Influences. I suppose the opposition to this is because it admits the existence of Conscious Experience which they Deny. So because they have to Deny Conscious Experience they must Deny a basic premise of Evolution. They say that Evolutionary literature does not mention Conscious Experience so therefore the Conscious Experience of Pain cannot influence Evolutionary outcomes. This takes Shallow thinking and fear of what's outside the Box to extremes. I'll go so far as to say that if Evolutionary literature does not take into account Conscious Experience then Evolutionary literature needs a Big Update.

Final Comment On Consciousness

It all began a number of years ago when I decided it might be fun to understand how Consciousness occurs in the Brain. I decided that Conscious sensory perception, specifically Light and Sound, were the things I would study. I can see Light and I can hear Sound.


I spent years reading what the Philosophers had to say about Consciousness, only to find that they seem to have hit a pretty hard Brick Wall on the issue. So I began studying Brain Physiology, Eye Physiology, and Ear Physiology for explanations. The thinking was that if I could understand more and more how the physical Brain, Eye and Ear actually worked then the Conscious perception of Light and Sound would become obvious. That was naive. The Brain Physiologists have become pretty good at finding the Neural Correlates of Consciousness but they have also hit a Brick Wall beyond that.


If we are going to break through that Brick Wall then I think it is essential for Philosophers and especially Scientists to let go of the thought that the Conscious Mind (CM) has to be found in the Physical Mind (PM), or that the CM somehow Emerges from the PM, or that the CM is just an illusion. The Inter Mind Model (IMM) is a placeholder in a Framework for exploring Consciousness. I hope that this IMM Framework perspective helps to drive a conceptual wedge between the PM and the CM that serves to emphasize the reality of the separation between them. I also hope that with this Framework, some future Mind will be able to discover the key to Consciousness that leads to a whole new Science of Conscious Mind and ultimately to Artificial Consciousness in Machines. The search for the Inter Mind is on! What really is that Conscious Light and that Conscious Sound that we have always Seen and always Heard?



Thank You

Steven J. Klinko

Date: 10/08/2012



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